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Friday, December 16, 2011

Rainy Halloween

This year was the first year it was actually cold on Halloween.  It was also the first year it has rained and the first year I actually bought all three kids new costumes.  Needless to say we were going out no matter what!!  After the first trick or treaters came by we decided to brave the weather.  The boys picked out their costumes in August.  Last year they would never decide and then I had to make them a ghost costume.  It was terrible and yes I sew, but no I don't do costumes or clothes!  This year Cale decided to be Bumblebee from Transformers, which he has never seen, and Carter decided to be Mario.  I really wanted some kind of matching or coordinating, but no they wouldn't humor me.  For Mack I still get to pick, so I picked Cookie Monster.  He loves him and tries to talk like him.  It is so cute!  He got the most use out of his costume at school parties.

Once we hit a few houses, armed with raincoats covering new costumes and umbrellas, Carter proclaimed that the rain had ruined his favorite holiday!  Really?!  They don't even eat a quarter of their candy and it's not because we don't let them.  I think they just like the candy hunt and thrill.  Well they came back with more than enough candy.  We didn't hit all our regular houses, but the neighbors that we mainly see on Halloween.  I know, we won't be winning neighbor of the year anytime soon.

Don't you love the mom who takes the pictures with the raincoats on!  I was so not thinking.  I will blame it on jet lag!

Got one without coats, but Mack had already stripped down and was enjoying his lolli

Going through the loot!

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