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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Better Late Than Never

I kept forgetting to post about our July beach trip and now that we have just returned from another trip I figured I better post! So now that it has been a month later I will post some pictures. We took a nice trip to Topsail Island in July with some friends and it was so much fun! The older boys love the beach and Mack is pretty fond of it too, although he can't last quite as long as them before he is done. The boys love jumping over the "big" waves and driving their trucks in the waves. Mack loved the water and didn't mind the sand. His brothers HATED the sand when they were one, so hopefully Mack will be a more adventurous child then they were. I know, what mom would say that? Well when you have two 5 year olds that will not get their faces wet or do anything that is even a little bit daring it makes for a boring time sometimes. Now I don't want Mack to jump off cliffs or anything, but just be more willing to do something different.


Cale and Carter

Mack enjoying the water

Did not care about the sand at all!

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Friday, August 6, 2010

Mack the Mischief Maker

I figured Cale and Carter had a few years of post with just pictures of them, so here are some 10 month pictures of Mack. I do have an update about Mack's weight gain, had only gained 1 lb from 6-9 months. Well we had to take Carter back to the doctor in July to finish having his 5 year old check up, he refused to cooperate at the original one, so I had them weigh Mack to see how much he had gained in a month. Well, he gained 2 lbs in one month!! I couldn't believe it! I had been pumping him full of formula and food. I am still nursing in the morning, but getting ready to stop because he pushes me away. I guess sadly he is ready to grow up. I was trying to wait until 11 months, like I did with Cale and Carter, to get rid of the bottle, but he would also rather drink from a sippy cup. He still gets a bottle at bedtime, but actually drinks better from the sippy. I should be glad he is giving all this up on his own, but I don't want my baby to grow up. He finally cut his first two teeth!! They still are only barely through and it has been two weeks. Poor kid is going to have trouble with this I think. He may also be working on more, because he has been kind of out of sorts lately. I hate teething!

This kid is seriously into everything!! I have rearranged my living several times over the past month. He seems content for awhile and then all of a sudden when your guard is down he attacks!! He will escape or flip his toys or go for the TV. At the nursery last week he pulled some kids hair, climbed on the cubbies, flipped the activity tables. I think they thought I was a parent that let my kids do whatever, but he is only a baby. They said, maybe he learned this from his older siblings. They obviously have never met Cale and Carter because they are NOT destructive and never have been. They do laugh when he pulls their hair, but Mack has always just been so fascinated with hair. Hopefully he will do better this Sunday. Honestly I don't know how I am suppose to stop him now, I truly believe he is too young for time out. I said that when he starts getting into things I put him in baby jail and then they seemed shocked when I said that he had toys in there. He is too young for timeout!!! I think the other boys were closer to 18 months when we did the naughty mat thing. My feeling on the matter is, in my opinion my first two children turned out just fine and are well behaved, so I am not going to let what other people say bother me. I am going to raise my children how I want to.

He loves to do flips! today he had a ball flipping on the couch, with my help. I wish Andy had been here to video.


I love this! Look how excited he is about his pappy! He isn't really attached, but is finally teething and loves chewing on them.

Eating O's. Excuse our messy house, it will never be spotless again I am afraid.

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More July

I had to take a quick stop from updating to fix my blog. I have no clue what happened, but it appears to be fixed. Enjoy the new background!

The first of July was busy with lots of fun things. The boys finished up their last two weeks of preschool ever!! I can't believe it, and yes you will hear me post about how I can't believe my babies are going to school in probably every post until they start school. They had a blast and loved being in the 5 year old class, hopefully this is a good sign for kindergarten. We then went to a birthday party at the fire station! What a great idea for a birthday party. It was fun, free for the parents, and what little boy doesn't love firetrucks? It was a great time!

Mack appropriately in front of the Mack firetruck

Mack turned 10 months old! Yet another, I can't believe my baby is almost 1! It really does seem like yesterday I was pregnant and giving birth. This first year has gone way faster than Cale and Carter's first year. I should have been blogging then. If I did everyone would find it amazing that we had another baby. Times were not tough, but unbearable at times. Our experience with Mack has been much different, completely opposite in every way possible. He is so happy and easy and we are so much more laid back and easy going. I wish we could have been this way with the other boys. Oh well, maybe we are this way because we learned so much from them.

Here is my cutie pie!

Here he is in his new bath seat. He loved it! He had gotten way too big for the infant to "toddler" bathtub. Really what toddler can fit in those things?! I love this seat. We had two with Cale and Carter and we used them until they physically wouldn't fit in it anymore, at about age 2-3.

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July 4th (only a month late)

Sorry for the lack of posting in the month of July. It was a crazy and very fast month!! I can't believe it is already August!! Less than a month before my babies start school. Here are some pictures from the 4th. The boys in there festive outfits! Andy says that Mack's outfit is pink and I say it is light red. Please let me know what you think! I love that outfit.

Mack (still standing, I don't think he will ever take that first step!) and Cale

Carter and Cale on their buckets, I did go get them some little chairs after this.

Mack and Andy enjoying the pool. Mack loves to be on Andy's shoulders!

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