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Friday, July 2, 2010

9 Months or So

I totally forgot to post that Mack turned 9 months old on the 16th, well I guess I did post that he was 9 months, but didn't include pictures. It was also mine and Andy's 9th wedding anniversary. This picture was actually taken on the 21st. I really think I have lost so many brain cells it is just not even funny. Mack did have his 9 month check up about week before he turned 9 months. At that check up we discovered that he had gained only 1 pound since his 6 month check! He also had only grown 1 inch! Apparently he decided that he didn't really want to nurse and didn't want any baby food. So we went to table food. He does still eat baby oatmeal and an occasionally jar of Stage 3 baby food. I have also gone to only nursing him in the morning because that is the only time he will nurse. He does get three formula bottles a day, I have not and will not switch him to whole milk until his first birthday. I say that because unbelievably there are people out there that switch their children long before the age of 1 year to whole milk. Do these people not realize the health problems this could cause?! Sorry, but that is a big pet peeve of mine along with turning your child forward facing in the car before the age of 1. These are not crazy mommy things, they are doing what is best for your child and actually it is recommend that they sit rear facing until age 2. Anyways, some days he drinks his bottles good and some days he doesn't. Thanks to my friend Brooke the nutritionist, we have a really great schedule now. Although yesterday for some reason he decided he really didn't want to drink very much. It is so frustrating when he does this! Hoping today he has a better day because when he doesn't drink I totally stress out. He doesn't seem to care and is totally laid back. I hope he stays this way!! I can't believe he is only 2 weeks away from being 10 months old! Where did the time go?! I really don't want Mack to grow up. Some days I really struggle with the fact that this is my last baby. I am really sad that Andy doesn't want any more. I am ready to move on and get back to going to a job that actually makes money one day, but I am loving this time with my babies.

Here he is with his two most favorite toys. I really don't know what he would do with out that penguin!

I made a new crock pot meal the other night and he was in love with it! It was called Scalloped Chicken. It was 4 chicken breasts, 10 oz bag frozen peas, a box of scalloped potatoes and 2 cups water. Put in chicken, scalloped potatoes, potato seasoning, and peas. Then top with water. Cook 4 hours high, 8 hours low. So easy!! Mack loved it!! Andy and I liked it, however I thought it needed some salt and pepper. Carter and Cale barely ate it. Good thing I bought that apple pie to bribe them with.

Yesterday I made country style ribs in the crock pot. Put in ribs and 1 bottle of BBQ sauce, we only us Sweet Baby Rays, and then cooked on high 4 hours. It was fall off the bone goodness!!

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