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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Fun in the Pool

We have been enjoying Mawmaw and Papaw's pool this summer! Here are a couple pictures of one of our trips to their pool. I hate that they live an hour or so away because after growing up having your own pool it is really hard to go to a public pool. Andy will not cave and get me a pool. Not even one of those big pools at Target. While flipping the tv channels one day I saw one of those Real Housewives shows and they even had one in the backyard, so if those rich women are good enough then our neighbors shouldn't care, right? With all the trees and overgrown bushes around our house it's not like anyone would even notice it back there. Also, Andy doesn't want to kill the grass. I hate to break it to him, but the heat has already done that. We hope to make it back to my parents soon to use the pool some more and then we still have our wonderful beach trip that I am so looking forward to.

This weekend Grandma and Grandpa came to visit and they stayed in a nice hotel with a pool. They took the boys on Saturday so that I could the nursery painted and the boys swam all day. They had a blast!! I still have one more coat to put on the walls since Andy's wonderful attempt at priming the walls didn't really do any good. Andy is no longer allowed to paint and he prefers it that way. I am so ready to have the nursery done!! I think it will make everything feel more ready once that is done and the furniture is moved in.

Hope fully this week we will have some more fun days in the pool. Especially since I need to watch my weight gain and swimming helps my siatic nerve problems. I need to take some more pictures soon. Cale told me I don't take enough! So this week I will try and get more taken and posted.

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Thursday, June 25, 2009

28 Weeks...12 more to go!

On Tuesday I started my third trimester. Today I had the glucose test for gestational diabetes. Hopefully I will not have it and everything will come back normal. I did have the nurse make sure that the baby is measuring a normal size. This is after two people last week, strangers might I add, commented on how I looked like I was about to pop! I do not feel that big. Well the nurse assured me that I am measuring 27cm and that is prefect since it should be 1 cm around what week you are and I am 28 weeks. She said for me to tell them, "This is what happens after you have twins and it is none of your business." I like her (after 4 years of nosey twin questions you get tired of strangers asking you personal questions all the time). I also asked about my weight since I feel like I have gained a little too much and well I am on track to gain just a little more than they would like. I have been working out, but I guess all those sweets are catching up with me. So far my weight gain is 25 lbs. I also now start going every 2 weeks to the dr. Then at 36 weeks I start going every week! I didn't even make it t0 36 weeks with the boys, so I can't even imagine.

I am starting to feel a little excited and nervous. We are finally getting the nursery ready. The boys and I were at my parents at the first of the week and so Andy did the primer on the walls. That is all he is allowed to do and if you saw it you would know why. I am probably going to start painting this weekend. Like all things we couldn't decide on a color, so we went with the normal color of yellow. It should be nice and calming. Andy needs to hang the ceiling fan, that has been in there in the box for a year and a half, and then I will paint, put the rug in and arrange the furniture. It seems like so much to do with so little time. We are going to the beach in July and I will be working some summer camp. Then in Aug. the boys will be doing a couple of weeks of gymnastics camp and I am so looking forward to those last few free days to get things ready. School starts back on Sept 2nd and I hope that this baby waits until after the boys are in school to come.

We still have no name for this baby and I have no idea how we will come up with something!!

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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Getting Better

Today we stayed pretty busy by going to see the free summer kids movie, "Horton Hears a Who" and then this afternoon we went to the indoor pool. It was kind of rainy today and I guess everyone had the same ideas we did. The movies were packed! I am so glad I go there early. Carter of course had to go to the bathroom half way through and then they insisted on popcorn, which was not free, but I got some so that we would have a smooth time. The popcorn line when we got there was so long and I was afraid if we waited then we wouldn't get good seats and I was right because I saw people in line around me come in just before the movie started.

The pool was also packed with a camp group, which I would have never thought would have been there. I guess since Cary has outside public pools this was it. The boys are getting so much better with their swimming! Today they had their little life vests on and then used a noodle and totally were swimming without me. This may not seem like a lot, but for my kids (especially Carter) this was a big step. They are a little hesitant, but are getting better.

I am so glad that the boys are getting so independent and it really does make me look more forward to having another baby. Everyone thinks it is the opposite, that is once you are out of the baby stuff then why go back. Andy and I definitely disagree. I really want to enjoy having one baby and going through a "normal" pregnancy and birth. It does feel like a new experience for me which I like. I have no idea what to expect because I have never had just one baby. I so enjoyed giving birth, I know sounds weird but I did, and look forward to doing it again. I just hope it goes a little smoother this time!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Their Tees

At camp last week they made some cute teeshirts for the 4th of July and wanted to wear them today. They were so proud of their shirts and I think they are so cute! I love stuff like this! I have been cleaning all day, we are having small group at our house tomorrow and as Andy put it I never clean except when people come over. I do clean, but Andy just messes everything up and next day, so I'm like "why bother." I still need to mop and clean the bathroom, but had to take a break to rest and then go to the HT. Well now I guess I should go cook supper, which I still hate and hate even more since I am pregnant. I did buy some already marinated pork loins that were BOGO, so I just need to throw those in the oven and then make some mac and cheese and something else. Also while we were at the store in the meat section, the boys kept saying there's a dog. So I'm like, OK sure. NO really I turned around and some old lady had a dog in her purse!!! I am not a dog fan, which I know is worse than saying your not a kid person, but really a dog in the grocery store! The kids were being kind of loud saying that dog doesn't belong in the bag, what are they doing. All I could say is, I don't know. Then Cale asks when were going to get a dog or a cat and I answered NEVER, you kids are enough work for mommy and daddy.

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Pool Time!

We went to my parents this past weekend. I had a dermatologist appointment, I still travel back home for that and my dentist and can't change after 15+ years. It was a pretty quick trip. We got there Friday afternoon and then left Saturday night. We went to my brother's house on Saturday to celebrate my niece's 4th birthday. When we came home we got in the fairly cold pool water, since my parents were so kind to wait until two days before we got there to take the cover off. Anyways, the boys didn't seem to mind. This was as we just got out there, but they did get in and swim some. They are not very daring which I wish they were and at the same time I am glad they are cautious. I will probably do swim lessons this fall at the indoor pool, once I get accustom to having 3 kids!
Speaking of which I can't believe I only have 13 more weeks!!! We still have no idea what to name this baby, so anyone got any suggestions? Andy is a lot pickier than I am. The name can't be one that can be used for a boy or a girl and it can't be too weird. That doesn't leave much. Oh well hopefully we will have the full 13 weeks to come up with something. It seems strange since I had the boys 5 weeks early. I can't really imagine going 40 weeks, but I sure hope I do because having preemies is stressful!

They are wearing the swim floats they refused to wear last summer. This year when I got them out before our first pool visit, I was like look your floats from last year and they were like, ok, and put them on. I so not above lying to my kids. This years first pool trip went complete opposite of last years. This year they cried because they didn't want to leave and last year they wouldn't get in! Go figure! I actually didn't want to leave the pool either since we were at a nice and warm indoor pool. I can't wait to go back there and it makes my body feel so good, but I hate getting out of the water because then I feel like my belly weighs a ton.

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Ready for Vacation

We have been very busy the past few weeks and am so happy that we have 3 weeks off with nothing much to do! After school ended we had one week off and then two weeks of summer camp. I worked at summer camp since I figured I needed to save up because I will not be working at the preschool in the fall. As it turns out it was a little to much for me and the boys. We were all so tired the second week and had to drag ourselves in everyday. They both wanted to stay home by the end, which is so unlike them. So we are very happy about the next 3 weeks.
Nothing much has been going on other than work and camp. We have been to the pool and parks. Tomorrow the boys have their first really dental cleaning. Hopefully it will go well. They have been to my dentist twice and Cale had to go for a kind of emergency visit because he hurt his gum. They have tvs on the ceiling and so that was pretty entertaining. They have been wanting to go to story time at the library, something we never get to do since they are in school everyday. We will probably do that and maybe hit the free kids movies this week and then of course the pool. I am so addicted to the pool this summer. Last summer we stayed so busy in and out of town and camps that we never went to the pool. This summer we have been a ton. It makes Andy nervous that I go by myself, but lucky for me I have cautious children and they have to wear float vests, so I know they will be ok.

Here are a couple pictures after a busy day at school!

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