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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

New Obsession

My newest obsession and taking up ALL of my little bits of free time is Pinterest.  If you haven't checked this out yet, then go do it now!  I resisted for awhile because I knew I would be addicted.  Well I was totally right.  I only decided to go for it because I kept seeing views to my items coming from Pinterest, so that made me interested to see what it was really all about.  Basically what it is is bookmarking items you find that you like on the internet in one spot and with photos instead of having to go through a bookmark list.  You can view what your friends pin and what everyone on there is pinning.  You can search, search by categories, categorize your pins by specific groups.  It is awesome!  In the last week I have already made two recipes I found on there and re-organized my desk with a very helpful tip I found.  It really has been very helpful.  There are lots of funny interesting things on there.  I think it seems to be super helpful if you are a photographer or teacher, lots of great ideas!!

Here are a couple pictures of my finds from Pinterest:

My desk organization.  If you have been to our house then you probably remember the clutter that was there before.  I sure hope it stays this way!  

Dividers have mail, each kid has one, coupons, receipts, my work, grocery list and coupons, etc.

Friday, October 7, 2011

First (Maybe Last) Apple Picking

We are so excited about fall in this house!  We all love this time of year.  The weather is a little cooler, lots of fun things to do and yummy food!  We have never been apple picking before and decide last Saturday that we would go.  We like apples and we like going to places to pick your own (trees, pumpkins, strawberries, etc.), so we thought this would be fun.  It was an hour and five minutes away, that wasn't bad.  The new car, a.k.a. the bus or Bertha, entertains the kids and keeps them out of arms reach.  We got there and there was a fun hayride up to where you pick the apples.  We got to ride it back (because on the way up there was a birthday party, so we had to walk) and that was fun.  Picking the apples was fun and challenging because they were running out and you really had look for them.  After was got back down we bought some super yummy Wine Cake and apple cider slushys.  Then the boys went to ride the tire swing.  They loved it and now want one!  Andy of course thinks it is too dangerous, but I think it would look awesome on the big old oak tree in our front yard.

The part that makes us say maybe we won't do this again...the cleaning of the apples.  We have an apple tree and they always have these black spots on them and we just thought that is what they were suppose to look like.  Well apparently it is mold.  When you get the apples home you have to soak them in bleach water and then scrub, and I mean scrub, and mold spots off.  This was a lot of work and Andy said after only doing half the half bushel that we got, that he was done with the apple picking.  It was a fun experience, but cost a lot less at the farmer's market and no long scrubbing needed.

My little guy modeling a new tee for me.

I love this guy!

I love these guys too!!  Even though they agreed to only one picture.
Cale stuck around for one more.

It was an absolutely gorgeous day!

Carter, so happy!

Mack eating his "moldy" apple.  We are great parents.



Fun times on the tire swing!!

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Guess Who's Two

I seriously can't believe that my baby boy is two! Last month, yes I stink at updating this thing, my little sweetie had his second birthday. I had a great zoo birthday planned and all of our family was actually going to be able to come, which never happens. Then it had to go and rain! I was seriously bummed. My mom was in town because my birthday is only two days before Mack's and so my dad came to get her and we just had dinner and cake to celebrate. I felt like the typical mom to a second or third kid because I feel like his cake was just thrown together, because my plans had been rained out, and I didn't even get a good picture of the cake. I had no theme or anything. Turns out that he loved the cake. I put cars on it and that excited him more than the cake. The funniest part was he was actually trying to blow out his candle and he did end up doing it! I think that is why I forgot the cake picture because he was totally blowing out his candle, while everyone was trying to make sure he didn't grab the candle. Last week Mack had his 2 year old check up.  He of course did great when it was time to prick his finger, but cried when the nurse put the band aid on!  Then he did great with the flu shot.  He also let the doctor look at him and opened his mouth wide and let her look in his ears.  He ended up being 35 1/4" tall and about 29 lbs.  When I came home and looked, I of course lost Cale and Carter's 2 year old sheets, and on the boys 3 year old sheets they were 35.5" tall and 36" tall!  I thought it was odd that Mack was wearing 2T shorts that they couldn't wear until they were 3!

This kid is so fun! I love all of my kids so much and I love the fact that they are all so different. The first two are different, but they are still very similar. This guy on the other hand is a complete opposite from his brothers. They are very cautious, shy and sweet. Mack is very outgoing, brave, and rough. He is sweet too, but also very head strong. I love when he grabs me and says, "ug" and that is for hug. Also that he loves giving me kisses and blowing kisses and that he gets so excited about EVERYTHING! This kid is seriously happy and excited most of the time, with the exception of when he isn't getting his way. The other two are still also very loving and kind. They love to still hold our hands, give us hugs and kisses, and love seeing us. They are very kind and compassionate at school. That makes us very proud. Cale has a little girl in his class that has vision and hearing problems, she was also in his class last year. He truly loves taking care of her and helping her. It is so sweet! He gets so excited in the morning at car pool when he sees her walking into school. Her hearing teachers tell me that he is the sweetest kid and is always looking out for her. Just today one of her teachers stopped me to tell me how kind he is to her and how he always makes sure she knows what to do. He told me last Sunday that at church that they were suppose to draw a picture of them doing something Jesus would do and he told me he drew a picture of himself helping this little girl. He said it is because it is what Jesus would want him to do. How sweet is that! I am so proud of him. Carter has also made some very good character decisions since being in school. He seems to choose the kids that are more alone to be his friends and I think that is sweet. He is also very sensitive and I worry about him getting hurt, but he seems to really be carefree. He didn't really know any kids in his class this year, just like last year, but he still came home and said he loved school. He does have some friends now and seems to be doing good. Mack is also doing great at school and waves and tells me bye at the door. He loves school and it is so cute to hear him tell me what he does. I will ask him if he played outside and he will say yes and then I ask him what he played with and he says,"um, car, truck." I'm so glad that they are all happy and healthy children. I truly feel blessed everyday! 

Birthday Boy!

He loved unwrapping the presents, after he realized there were goodies in there.

His sweet brothers helping him.

Excited about his car cake!

Blowing out his candles!

His new favorite toy! This Cookie Monster toy is so funny. I recorded a video of Mack playing with this and I will try and upload it.
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