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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Happy Baby

Mack is seriously one happy baby! Not that Cale and Carter weren't, but I don't remember there being happier times until they were 3 or 4 months old (probably my fault because I was so stressed out). This is hpw this baby looks the majority of the time. Yeah, he cries and especially when he is hungry! He does get fussy when he has gas or is really tired, but mostly he goes to sleep pretty good. He unfortunately doesn't sleep super long yet at night.
I think he eats too much, if that is even possible. I found an Enfamil thing yesterday and it said at 2 months 2-4 oz and having 6-8 feedings per day. Well Mack is almost 2 months and has been drinking 4-6 oz of breastmilk and 8-10 feedings per day for a while. I really wish he would start going 4 hours always at night and during the day. Most nights he goes 4-5 hours, but the last two nights he has gone 3 hours all day and all night. I feel like all I do is feed him and do chores. What I have two other children? Just kidding, I do pay attention to Cale and Carter. Today we wrote stuff and colored. Tomorrow I am going to attempt to get a good Christmas card photo. I really wanted an outside shot, but it is suppose to rain and the Shutterfly deal ends tomorrow. Well Mack just woke up and it has been exactly 3 hours since he last ate, so he should start up any minute.

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Monday, November 2, 2009

A New Challenge

(this is the only picture that had everyone's eyes open.)

It has been almost 7 weeks since I had Mack. I can't believe it has been that long!! Everyone is always telling me how good I look, but I'm like really?!? I don't believe them. I can't fit into a single pair of pants (these include the ones I had the winter after I had Cale and Carter). With C&C I did gain a lot more than I did this time, but I ended up only weighing about 10 lbs less this time because I started off weighing more. Make since?
So I am little depressed that I still have 20 lbs to lose. My mom and Andy couldn't believe how much I weigh because I really don't look like I weigh that much. I guess I just hide it well with the black and big clothes I have been wearing. It is really hard knowing what I started out like 5 years ago before having C&C. I know I am older and have now had 3 kids, but always being small makes it depressing when the weight doesn't just fall off. I do have to work really hard to lose weight and I had to work really hard last time and this time I am just getting started. I just wish there were more hours in the day!
I had a jogging stroller for Mack to use while the boys were at school, but after the first use the front wheel was not working right! I knew I shouldn't have listened to Andy and got the cheapest one and it was the same brand of jogger I started out with with C&C and hated. Now I am on the hunt for a better one, but not the $400 one that I want. That is crazy expensive! I started back with my wii fit last night. Andy thought I had the math wrong when I put in my goal amount of weight to lose. That is until I told him my weight and what I weighed when I got pregnant. Then he was like, oh. See it is bad even though it doesn't look too bad. My goal time is 6 months meaning I will have to lose a pound and a half a week. That is not going to be possible! I don't diet. I do have the Eat This Not That and try to order or buy the healthiest option of the things I like. Iam really going to have to lose weight by working out though. We'll see if I can keep this up or if it will fizzle because other things like come first.
It is a lot harder to get things done with 3 kids. Also like the other two, Mack is a spitter. Not as bad, but bad enough that I do a lot of his laundry and he loves to spit up on me when I am wearing my one pair of normal jeans. I had my vow not to spend money unnecessarily, but I can't keep washing and wearing the some jeans everyday. I just don't have time. I did have to buy this one pair and a couple shirts because of nursing nothing really fits me between my boobs and belly being larger than last winter. I really did forget how awful this part was after having a baby. As if sleep deprivation, loss of brain cells, and tons more to do isn't enough you also have no clothes that are flattering to wear. Some days I don't care and throw on sweat pants and then I do not have a tee shirt that fits. Ugh!! Well I have 20 lbs (or more) to lose and lets see how long it takes me. It took me 5 months to lose about 30 lbs last time, so hopefully it won't take too long!

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