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Sunday, April 20, 2008

NC State Football!

We decided to venture to the spring football game. We were worried about how the boys would do and they did ok. We at least know after this FREE game that we won't be taking them to a paying football game until they're probably 7 or 8. They were entertained at first and then I don't think they liked the fact that Mr. Wolf was not the wolfpack playing football. At least they loved the popcorn and funnel cake. We made it through one half (which consisted of 15 min quarters and no timeouts) and a little of the second half. With no naps and wearing underwear we didn't want to push our luck and they were getting a little wild.

We didn't really do anything else too exciting this weekend. Andy and I had a nice date night. He surprised me and took me to the Angus Barn. It was good, especially the Chess Pie for dessert!
This afternoon, I did get the rest of the wall going down to the basement painted. It looks so much better!!! I had to get it done today because we are finally getting carpet on the steps. The Lowes carpet guy is coming tomorrow, so I don't know how much longer before they actually install the carpet. I have before, during and will have post pictures to show when our little project is done.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

NCSU Farm Days!

This afternoon we went to the NCSU Farm Days.
We have never been before and the the boys loved it! They had animals and the boys favorite, tractors. They finished the afternoon off with some excellent NCSU ice cream.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Almost Potty Trained!

Well since we began the potty training a week and a half ago things are very different. On Sunday night Carter began to pee in the potty and had several accidents on Monday, one on Tuesday and none since!! He is only peeing in the potty, but I will take that. Thursday we made it through the same pair of pants and underwear with both boys. Cale pretty much just holds it until he gets a pullup on at nap and bedtime. Cale had regressed a little, but the doctor said that is normal, so we will hang in there. Cale will pee on the potty for his Tuesday/Thursday teachers. I think because he is not as stubborn for people he doesn't know as well. Although, those are the only people that Carter will not pee for. Go figure!
I got some massive deals at the HT this morning and here are the boys appropriately sitting on toilet paper.

They are such big boys!!! I can't believe they will three in a month!!!
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Monday, April 7, 2008

Spring Break!

Our Spring Break was last week and it wasn't too exciting. We started off the week by heading to Mawmaw and Papaw's for a couple days because I had a much needed dentist appointment (yes I still use my dentist in Greensboro). The boys went with me and Mawmaw of course. They did so great!! They just sat there and watched me get me teeth cleaned and asked some questions. They were very excited to get new toothbrushes at the end. We are so fortunate that the boys love to brush their teeth. We have an occasional battle, but most of the time they are very willing to do it. After that we went and visited my cousin and his family who was in from CA. Then we went to the shoe store for a second time to try and find good new shoes. We were successful this time and without totally breaking the bank. The boys were also very excited to play with their cousins Jacob and Maria. I forgot my camera, unbelievable I know.

When we left on Wednesday we left our diapers at Mawmaw and Papaw's house. That way the boys could really understand that we are done. They did wear a pullup in the car and during nap and bedtime, but after nap on Wed. only underwear. It only took Cale about an hour before he came upstairs from the playroom to inform me that he had to potty. Low and behold, he sat on the potty and peed! How long I wonder has he known he could do this? Oh well, I am just glad we are on a diaper free path, that is until we have another baby. They have had many accidents, but last night Carter finally caved to peeing in the potty, yeah!!! He actually does a quite noticeable pee pee dance, but most of the time is too stubborn to get on the potty. Gee, I wonder who he gets that from? They had pictures at school today and sadly it was raining, so the outside pics were moved inside. I heard they did good. I am excited about seeing those pictures! So after the pullups were removed, so that they wouldn't pee on their one cute pic outfit, the pee and poop accidents began. Although one time Carter was sitting on the potty and missed. He said he forgot to push it down. Oh the joys of boys! When we got home from school Carter was doing the pee pee dance and then peed on the potty! What great relief this has brought to Andy and I. We are nowhere close to being completely potty trained, but the thought of 6 days without diapers has been a great relief to our bank account. That only helps offset the cost of Andy side swiping a lady yesterday after church and scratching up the front of MY car! I was still at church working in the nursery and he was coming home and had the boys. No one was hurt and luckily the boys didn't pee in the car. Oh well life happens.

Here are the pictures of what our view across the street use to look like...

and here is what it now looks like, well minus the big orange digger.

This was sad and I dread the construction, but at least the value of our house goes up. Not that I will ever move again! We found out yesterday that our old house sold again and just as fast as it did for us. I guess we made such wonderful improvements. It was a really cute house and I really miss it.

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