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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My Boys

Last week I had the boys pictures made with a friend of mine from high school that is now a photographer.  Here is her blog post with some pictures, http://www.tinamarshphotography.com/blog/warnke-boys/.  She is so good!!!  If anyone in the area is looking for someone good that will take time with their kids and make sure they get the perfect shot, then she is the one!

No Ordinary Easter

Our Easter got off to a crazy start this year with Cale waking up just before midnight and throwing up. He did make it out of bed, but then for some odd reason he thought we were in the living room (all the lights and tv were off), but he thought we were in there. I then hear him crying, because I was barely awake, but watching tv in bed, and tell Andy to get up. I have already had two stomach bugs since January and do not want another one.

So then we both go out there and get him to the bathtub, only to find out he had already puked in the living room. Great.
The next morning he wakes up fine, but Andy stayed home from church with the older two and Mack and I went to church. It felt odd going by ourselves on Easter of all Sundays. The message was good and then it was our Sunday to serve in the nursery, so I did that and then Mack and I came home. The boys were still pretty tired, Carter had been sick a few days earlier.

Mack took a nap and the boys watched a movie and then they felt up to doing an egg hunt. The day was all off. No pictures in our Sunday bests, no excitement over Easter this year. We did read the real Easter story Saturday night and Sunday night with them and discussed it with them. They are at the point where I am pretty sure they get everything and can tell us what happened which is so awesome. I am so glad they believe and have total faith!

Unfortunately Andy is now sick, hopefully I will not be next!

Looking for eggs

Mack did not want to have any part in hunting eggs.

Quickly scales the ladder!

Mad because we made him get out of the tree house.

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Thursday, April 21, 2011

April So Far...

We have been having some crazy weather! Some days it is 80 and the next day it is in the 50s. We have been taking advantage of the scattered nice days. Mack really loves doing what his big brothers do, but he also has fun doing his own thing. It is very cute. If they are playing with something an drop it, he will pick it up and give it back to them. They are so sweet to him too. If he wants to play with something they have, then they just give it to him. Just to be nice too, because he doesn't even cry or do anything crazy. Mack can be a little crazy. He is very busy and very excited! He loves to laugh and I mean enthusiastically laugh and very loudly. The great thing is that when he laughs, you can't help but laugh too. I just love it! the other boys are like that too and were like that with each other when they were his age, but he is just like that to everyone and everything. Yesterday Cale hurt himself and started crying and when Mack heard him he then started crying. He went running over to Cale and was leaning over to look in his face then I asked him to give Cale a hug and he did. It was so sweet! I just love when my boys love on each other!

Mack is doing his praying hands with the angel.

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