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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Trick or Treating!!

Tonight we took the boys down the street to a pre-trick or treating party. They had so much fun! We took them down in the wagon, but they did not want to leave, so they would not get back in the wagon. There was a cozy coupe pick up truck there that they fought over. They also had a power wheels jeep that scared the boys (we sure are glad we decided not to buy two of those for Christmas)!

They went trick or treating for the very first time tonight. The first house we went trick or treating to the boys rang the door bell and when the man opened the door they barged right on in! You would never know they were related to Andy and I. They pretty much did this or tried to at most houses, but were very good at saying thank you and happy halloween. They would always say trick or treat as we were walking to the house. I don't think they caught on to the fact that you were suppose to say that before the candy. At one neighbor's house that we do actually know they did come right on in and sat down on the steps and started to pull out there candy showing it to the neighbors, who thankfully thought it was hilarious. When we got home they were so pooped! They wouldn't ride in the wagon, so there pumpkins with candy did. This pretty much wore them out! Which was great for Andy and I because they were asleep by 8:30 and they didn't get in bed until 8:15!
The boys insisted on helping Andy.
Their first house ever!!

Carter is having so much fun!! He loves getting all this candy, but he probably won't eat it. Cale won't look, he is very serious about helping daddy.

Happy Halloween!

Here are a lot of pictures from October. At the end of the slideshow are pictures from their halloween party at school today. I will post pictures from tonight later tonight or tomorrow. Enjoy!
The boys' class all dressed up. They went trick or treating this morning at school. I had to hide while they came to my room.
This is the past three halloweens and of course there is big pumpkin. Look at those fat little pumpkins! Can you tell who is who?

Monday, October 22, 2007

State Fair

We went to the fair last Thursday on can day(bring four cans of food and get in free). The boys were free and I had four cans of Rotel that I got for .10 each during triples, and we have way too many cans of Rotel, so the three of us got into the State Fair for .40! Anyways, we had a great time. We got there about 9:30 and stayed until 2:30. Right when the boys got on the merry-go-round it started to rain. So the first picture is of me taking their picture right outside the ride and the next picture is of me taking their picture after the bottom fell out and I was in some trailer about using battery powered cars and they boys were stuck on the ride with my parents. The ride attendent was very nice and let them stay dry and get a couple free rides out of it.

The boys ate their first funnel cake! It was topped with cinnamon and sugar. They loved it! At first Carter wasn't too sure, but once he tasted it he loved it. They also drank all my lemonade with their funnel cake. I forgot to add that Carter is wearing a sticker that says, "I love my DVR." and it is so true! Cale refused to wear his sticker, but he too loves his DVR.

My parents, Mawmaw and Papaw, joined us for their first Sate Fair trip too! I hope they had a good time. The boys sure did and they were really well behaved, that includes the grandparents. I had fun and can't wait to do it next year. Maybe Daddy will be brave enough to join us.

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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Pumpkin Patch Field Trip

Today the boys had their pumpkin patch field trip and wouldn't you know it as soon as we get there and they are so nicely posed I go to take their picture only to discover that my camera battery is DEAD!! So, their teacher took these great pictures. Andy said it was much better this way because now we have a few really good pictures instead of the one hundred bad ones with their heads turned.

Carter in front, Cale in back.

Our first family photo in I don't know how long!

Cale is on the left, Carter right.

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Monday, October 15, 2007

Nice Weekend

Friday night when we went to the pumpkin patch I never even took pictures of the boys with the pumpkins we bought! So here are a couple with the boys and the pumpkins we bought and of course Big Pumpkin. Also, the boys shirts are very fitting. Carter's (in red) says, "Mom's Little Monster" and Cale's says, "Dad's Little Rebel."

In this one Cale is saying, "cheese!" and Carter looking at him like what are you doing?

They both did a great job smiling and looking at the camera! Andy was standing behind me getting their attention, you can kinda see his reflection in the door.

I wanted to add this one because I thought it was funny for a couple reasons. First, I found this lovely denim futon cover on clearance at Target for only $7! That is a steal! Second, I put it on one day while the boys were napping and when they got up and went down to the playroom as soon as Cale saw it he got all excited saying, "New couch, new couch!" I guess he hated the quilt I did have covering the futon. This one does look a lot better in the playroom and it is a dark color so hopefully that means you can see less stains.

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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Pumpkin Patch 2007

Last night we went down the street to the church that sales pumpkins. they just put them out on Thursday and we have been looking forward to going and getting some for the front porch to go with The Big Pumpkin, it is one of the huge ones at Target that lights up. The boys had a blast! They are going back with their class at school on Wednesday, so I will have more pictures and adventures to post. By the way, their preschool is right next door to this church, so it is a walking field trip.

The boys are trying so hard lift the pumpkins, but they are, "too heavy."

I tried to get them to sit on the pumpkins so I could take a picture, but you can see how well that went.

This was probably the best picture, even though Cale wasn't looking. He was looking at some lady out there taking pictures and she thought the boys were so cute, obviously, that she wanted to take their picture too.

This is a collage I made of the boys last year at the pumpkin patch and this year. The top row is Carter and the bottom row Cale. They looked like babies last year! I just can't believe how they have grown up so fast! Where have my babies gone?! I guess it's time for another one or two, JUST KIDDING!!!!

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Thursday, October 11, 2007

My Business Update

Well, I had my first order this week from someone who found me on Google! I am going to start selling on Ebay, even though I didn't want to go that route, but oh well. I have been getting about 2 orders a week just from people I know!

I want to start doing embroidery, but Andy isn't willing to pay for the machine, until I get enough business, so if anyone wants something embroidered let me know and if I get enough response to change Andy's mind hopefully I can offer that too!

I also am starting to make ribbon belts, for women, so if there is a color ribbon you want let me know and I will make you one. The starting price of those is $10.

I am going to start doing some discounts! For recommending me to a friend and they make a purchase and give me your name I will give you a 20% discount on your next order! I am also going to do a multiples discount, of course, which will be buy a set of three and the next one or two sets of three half off.

Thank you so much for your support and please let me know if there is anything you are interested in! http://www.ohsewcutedesigns.com/

"Where's another one?"

Lately the boys have been something and I don't know if it is a twin thing or a 2 year old thing, but here is what it is. Whenever they see anything, dump truck, car, dog, etc. they have been asking, "Where's another one?" We were in Target the other night in the holiday section and there was a polar bear for your yard they were going crazy asking, "Where's another polar bear?" Andy and I are wondering do all 2 year olds do this or do they think that there are two of them, so naturally there should be two of everything? It really gets to the point sometimes of where they are crying because there is not another of whatever they saw!

Here are the boys at school. They stay an hour longer on Mondays for Lunch Bunch and this was what they did this past Monday. I sent them both applesauce with their lunch, but Carter doesn't really like it, but if I don't give him one he gets upset and we usually end up giving Carter's applesauce to Cale. Well at school on Monday, Carter began to feed Cale his applesauce. Luckily their teacher took a picture of it. Sometimes it is amazing at how nice they are to each other! Then there are those times they aren't so nice, but at least they have heard me so "that's not nice" so many times that when one isn't being nice the other one will tell him, "That's not nice!"

Here are the boys playing on the playground. I guess they like doing the same things at school as the do at home, pushing dump trucks around.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Raleigh Dodge Ball Champions!

Andy's team won the tournament! Which says a lot since they were the oldest players in the league. One team had high school students on it and they gave them a tough time, but Dodge This came back and won it all. Well, I guess Andy's team will be in the Raleigh Christmas Parade. I hope they let the boys get some matching shirts and walk with them.

Our House

I just ran across these pictures of before we bought our house and during the remodeling we did on the bathroom. I thought I would share because I feel like our house seems so different now. We took the pictures while we were looking at it before we decided to buy. Andy fell in love with the house but I have come to love the house after living here for almost 2 1/2 years. When looking at these pictures I didn't realize that when we were looking at this house I was less than a month aways from giving birth!! How scary and what were we thinking!! By the way, our house we had before this one sold the first day on the market by the first person who looked at it, so we were in a very stressful place when buying this house. Overall I am very pleased with the work that we have done and look forward to spending many years here.
Here is a picture of the kitchen before we striped the wallpaper and painted. We also put in all new appliances.

This is the kitchen now. You will have to excuse the clutter as I am into buying in bulk when stuff is on sale (smartspending) and we run out of places to put the extra food.

This is a the hallway before we painted it a real color.

This is the hallway now. We painted it a light yellow, which really brightened it up and hung a nice glass door up at the entrance of the hallway and the living room.

This is what is now the boys room. We did paint over the nice wood paneling. It didn't really fit in with a nursery theme and this was the biggest room, which we really needed having 2 cribs.

Here is a picture of the worst room in the house before...the bathroom. Before we remodeled it, it had lovely gold and black wallpaper (that took Andy and my Dad an entire day to strip and that was with a steamer). A vanity counter that was cream with a light green top. Of course, the yellow tile on the floor and halfway up the walls. The wall tile is actually not too bad, but the floor had to go.

This is the bathroom floor that we ripped out. A variety of yellow with stained brown grout. I almost forgot how ugly this floor was.

Andy and a friend from work took the tile up and put in this nice new and more neutral tile down. It took them a weekend to do the biggest part of the work, but it took Andy another 2 months to finish. The bathroom as a whole is not completely finished now and he started this work in January! There are only 2 minor things left and I think they may never be fixed.

Dodge Ball

Here are some pictures from last weeks big dodge ball night. Tonight is the the tournament! I will post later with the results and to tell if we need to get the boys some dodge ball shirts to wear in the parade. Andy's team is in the yellow and their name is Dodge This.

Action Shots

Here they are at the beginning of the game running to get their balls.

It is just as much mental as it is phsyical.

Andy's teamate Matt.

You can see how hard it is to be a true dodge ball player.

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