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Monday, March 28, 2011

New Recipes!!

I have been doing pretty good at updating my new blog.  Here is the newest recipe that is in the crockpot right now, http://easycrockpotting.blogspot.com/2011/03/one-dish-chicken-supper.html.  It is so yummy and I am so hungry!  I am planning on adding a few more random recipes this week.  I am thankfully swamped with orders right now.

Monday, March 21, 2011

New Blog!

I started a new blog!  I know, what was I thinking!!  I can't even keep this one up or my work one.  I do a lot of crockpotting, pretty much if I cook then I use the crockpot because I hate to cook!  I usually make a couple crockpot meals a week.  Look there for some new recipes and I love new ones, so feel free to leave me your recipes to try!  Remember they must be EASY!!

Here it is...

Future Pete Sampras?

The boys wanted to play sports, finally!! Carter decided that he wanted to play tennis. Well he thought it was going to be like playing on the wii. I was really nervous because I thought he was going to realize that it isn't like the wii. He did great!! It must have been close enough for him! His teacher is so good and patient with the kids. I love watching him. Next time it is offered Cale wants to do it now after watching how much fun Carter is having.

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Spring is in the Air

It is finally warming up more days than not and that is a good sign! A good sign that illnesses are over and that lots of outside play time is on the way.

I love how the big boys love their baby brother!! So sweet!

My three guys in their new Chuck Taylors!

Loving the sand table

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My Little Valentines

February was a strange month. The weather was wacky and I stayed busy with work, which is great, and Mack and I got another stomach bug. The boys did wear red on Valentine's Day, but it was so hot that they took off their red sweaters to play in the nice weather. NC weather is so crazy!! Every year I forget how it can go from 50 to 70 in one day. My baby is growing so fast! He is definitely looking more like a little boy than a baby.

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January 2010

January was a busy month. My orders for work kept flooding in and then we spent pretty much the entire month sick. We all got a nasty and very painful stomach bug. Then Carter and Andy got the flu! Yes the kids got flu shots, but Andy and I did not. Guess Andy was wich he had! Cale and Mack were immediately put on Tamiflu and Cale stayed healthy, but Mack ended up getting sick and they thought it was the flu, but the test came back negative. Luckily he started feeling better after only a few days, but this was after he kept me up all night long!! Yes, just me because Andy was out of town. Of course the one time he goes out of town we have a sick baby that can't sleep. Before all this Cale had strep too, I almost forgot about that. I am very happy to say that I lost 12lbs in one week!! I love food, so it wasn't the most fun way to loose weight, but at least it is gone!

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Big Christmas Snow

Raleigh had the first white Christmas in I don't know how many years, a lot!! It was so great! The kids were already out of school and go to really enjoy it all. Mack loved it and loved sledding for the first time. Cale and Carter couldn't get enough sledding! It was awesome!! We then went to Sparta for Andy's side of the family Christmas celebration and they still had lots of snow, so the boys got to do more sledding and this time with their cousins.

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Christmas 2010

I am only 3 months behind!!! Here are a few pictures from Christmas. The boys had a blast!! They also got a trampoline from Santa and were so excited!! They loved it that Santa had some cookies and left a note telling them to look in the backyard. Mack was by far the hardest one to come up with presents for. What do you get the third boy and when you have two of every toy ever made! I think we found a couple things he liked.

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