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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Memorial Weekend

Last weekend, yes a week later, we had a very relaxing and fun weekend. The boys school had their end of the year picnic on Friday afternoon, which was tons of fun. We then had our weekly trip to the farmers market. Then that night Andy got the feeling for camping, so the boys had their first camp out. They surprisingly made it through the whole night. Andy said they got up a couple of times to pee, but other than that did good. Cale told me the other day that next time he wants to camp out with fire outside his tent so that he can see at night. They did take their flashlights out with them, but I think they were a little nervous about not having nightlights. It's not like the one in their room puts out that much light either since it is an LCD one, they ripped the light bulb ones apart when they were a year old and so we went with safer ones.

Saturday Andy took the boys on a bike ride, he pedaled and they rode in the bike trailer. I went to run some much needed errands. After our afternoon nap we took the boys bowling for the first time. I was able to find some good coupons online. Actually Buffalo Lanes in Cary is doing a anniversary special where you get three games free and one free shoe rental. Well Andy and I have our own shoes, we use to bowl a lot before kids, and so the guy there was nice enough to give us two specials! So the whole afternoon cost us $3.50! That is my kinda outing.

Sunday and Monday were nothing too exciting. Sunday we heard John Rosemond speak at our church. He is the author of "Parenting By the Book" and many other books. This is an awesome parenting book and we love his style of parenting! If you haven't read it then I highly recommend it. The boys rode their bikes to the school down the street. This was a big feat for them. Carter took right off and I was practically jogging beside him. Cale on the other hand was a little hesitant. He made Andy keep his hand on the handle bars at all times. It is funny how usually they totally flip flop on who is more cautious.

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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Calling in Sick

I have been terribly busy the last few weeks with my business, which is an awesome blessing! Although, it has left me a bit worn out. This week I have felt horrible with a sinus/cold problem. Each day it keeps getting worse. This is the one thing that is I hate most about being a stay at home, or work at home, mom. When you are sick there is no calling in sick! I did have the good fortune of three hours of preschool this morning and then it is back to work with the kids. My job never stops since I work at home I am always getting e-mails and orders to stay busy on, I am not complaining just hoping for a minute to take a breath. I always have complained about this part of staying at home. Whenever Andy is sick he calls in and stays in bed all day. WHAT!? I have never been able to do that. Even last year when I had pneumonia I took one day off of work, that is at my other job outside the home as a preschool teacher. Oh well, what doesn't kill us makes us stronger or something like that.

I do have my last day of preschool tomorrow. Although, after a one week break I am working two weeks of summer camp at preschool. I am very relieved to only be the assistant though. At least I will not have to use my brain to plan lessons or crafts. I just show up and do what I am told. I have very little brain function these days, so the less I have to use it the better. Well my minute break is up. The kids are totally destroying the playroom, so I guess I should go lay down the law. Fun times!

Here is a picture of me this week at 23 weeks. I only have 17 weeks left!! Whoa!! That is not enough time. I think I am the abnormal pregnant woman that likes to be pregnant and now knows what comes at the end--no sleep, lots of crying, and chaos.

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More Birthday Pictures

Here are the last of the birthday pictures. These are from on their birthday. They are working the big puzzles they got from Grandma and Grandpa, which I LOVE because they keep them busy for like an hour at a time!

Here they are with our little giftsl. Their big bunk beds and Andy made a rock climbing wall for the playset were the main things. These were just some little Disney stuff I pick up for them.
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Monday, May 11, 2009

Birthday Celebration #3

Today is their actual birthday! I can't believe my babies are 4! I seriously couldn't even sing Happy Birthday to them this morning at their party because I was on the verge of crying. I don't know why because that is not me. I guess it is the pregnancy hormones!
I was very proud of myself since I made and decorated their cakes all by myself. I did cheat a little and bought the icing from the HT and then bought the Wilton tubes and tips to go on them. The Wilton stuff did taste homemade. It was surprisingly good! Definitely easier way to go. I got the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse people at the Disney store. They told me they wanted all the people on their cake and I got a little worried, but found the whole set there. The cakes tasted yummy even though I put too much butter in, but oh well the more butter the better!
Our next celebration is tonight. We are going to the K&W, the boys favorite restaurant, and then we have them a few more little things and we will finish off that cake!

Birthday Celebration #2

Since our families don't live around here and are always kind enough to drive this way for the boys' birthday parties we thought this year we would meet them half way and celebrate at the Zoo. Actually that was only part of the reason, the other part was that Andy and I were too cheap and too lazy to throw them a party. I know we are bad parents, but they don't even seem to care.
Anyways, here are some pictures from our trip to the zoo. Cale was feeling better, but seemed to fade in the hot sticky weather and lots of walking.

Birthday Celebration #1

Last weekend my parents came to town to watch the boys and they brought their birthday presents. Big boy bikes!! They picked out the Lightening McQueen bikes, which was not something I wanted. It was for their birthday, so they can have whatever. The boys go to ride them for 3 days and then there was school and then Cale has been sick and then it rained. Maybe one day they will ride again.

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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

I hope that all mom's had a nice relaxing Mother's Day! Last year I shared Mother's Day with the boys' birthday, so it was kinda crazy. This year was very laid back the only thing missing was a really long nap!

Today we went to church then had lunch with Andy's old friend Mark who was in town from TX. We ate at Texas Steakhouse and it was pretty good. I got a coupon for a free big salad on my next visit! Free food is the most awesome gift right now! The boys and Andy gave me some yummy Lindt truffles, which I love! I am having to contain my self from eating the whole bag right now.

Some pretty beautiful hydrangeas that a wonderful parent in my preschool class gave me for Mother's Day

The card the boys and Andy got me. The boys signed it themselves. Andy said he isn't sure how the extra letter in mom got in there. Although their handwriting isn't much better than Andy's.

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What's New

It has been a while since my last post. We have been CRAZY busy around here! I am very ready for the last week in May, which looks to be a relaxing one.

Within the past 2 weeks, I have had a festival to prepare for and then two wholesale orders (awesome!), Andy's car has been in the shop and we only have one car, Cale was sick throwing up for 3 days, I had my wonderful preschool classes Mother's Day gifts to be ready by this past Friday and end of the year gifts to be ready by this coming Friday, yesterday we had the boys' birthday at the zoo with family (luckily Cale was all better by Friday), and I had to bake two cakes today to get ready for their birthday party at school tomorrow (which is their actual birthday). Phew! I am tired just reading this!!

I have so much to remember lately that sometimes I just want to sit down and forget about everything! My mind is pretty much mush these days, so I can't believe I haven't forgotten anything. At least not yet and I am just waiting for that to happen. I feel like I have been neglectful to everyone and everything in my life. I just feel like I can never get ahead. I am so grateful that my business is doing good, now I just need to kid my kids healthy and in order so that I can devote more time to it. That then makes me feel like I am neglecting my husband and kids because I have lots of sewing to do. I love sewing, but hate that I miss time with them. I try to do it after they go to bed or while at school, but some days it is impossible to wait or I don't get it all done. Hopefully this week will be slower. We only have two more week of school left. I can't believe how fast this year has gone by!! I also can't believe my babies are going to be 4 tomorrow! It seriously feels like just yesterday I gave birth and then I don't remember anything else that happened for the next 3 months!!