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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Growing Up

So much has happened in the last 3 months that I don't even know where to begin. I have really neglected this blog. I first started it because scrapbooking just took too much space and time and I thought this would be a fun way for our family and friends to see how we are doing. After starting this blog I began working two jobs and then had baby number 3 and never felt like I posted enough. I really don't see how some of the mommy bloggers have time to post multiple times a day. This past fall has been the busiest I have ever been! The twins started kindergarten and are in separate classes, so I feel like there is so much to keep up with and remember what and when to send stuff in. Then Mack goes to mother's morning out 2 days a week and I have to pack him snack and lunch those days and snack and lunch for the other kids. On top of all that I started a new product in my business, appliqued tees and onesies, and those have been a huge hit! My business has probably tripled in the last three months! Which has really kept me busy. I have literally only had time to sew and be with the kids and Andy. I need an Alice!! We have squeezed in a couple weekend getaways and a nice Thanksgiving trip to see families. Those have been especially nice this year. Well now that my shops are closed for a Christmas and New Years break, I have time to do stuff I want to do! I am so excited to have a couple weeks off and I am really looking forward to being more relaxed. I finally have all my Christmas shopping done and boy am I thankful for Amazon this year!! The only problem is now everything is still in the Amazon boxes and packed in our bedroom and closet. I am hoping to get it all wrapped in the next couple days.

I will start off with October. We took a nice weekend getaway with our small group to Andy's parents' mountain house. That was a lot fun. We went canoeing and that was a little stressful. It made me remember why it had been 10 years since Andy and I had canoed. The boys continued to do good in school and have been adjusting well. They had a fall festival at school and it was a lot of fun. It was organized chaos. For Halloween Cale and Carter wanted to be ghosts. I tried so hard to change their minds and they wouldn't budge. That meant I had to make their costumes. I do not make costumes or clothes! I don't like how the costumes turned out and told them next year they would choose a nice normal store bought one. Mack wore the the monkey costume that the boys wore when they were that age. It was my favorite. I may buy him another one for next year! For me work started to really pick up this month and I was very grateful!

On to November. We had yet another busy month. Another weekend getaway to the mountains with Andy's parents, brother and his kids. The boys love playing with their cousins! For me, lots and lots and lots of sewing!! I had a huge hit with the turkey shirts. I probably made 150 or more of those things. Mack started talking, barely. He says the word, Yeah. It took me a while to be convinced that was really what he was saying, but sure enough when you ask him and if he wants it he will say, Yeah and then take off or clap when you give him what he said yeah for or giggle when you reply to him. He loves to play outside and dance. He doesn't know a stranger, which makes me happy and nervous! A couple weeks ago I ran into a friend I hadn't seen in years and we hugged and Mack wanted out of the shopping cart immediately. I picked him up and he reached for her and just had the biggest grin on his face! It is almost like if I think someone is nice then he is like, ok this person must be ok. I attended two Thanksgiving programs and fests for the boys. It was so cute! They boys were so excited that I came and Andy and Mack were able to make it to Cale's, so that was a treat for him.

For Thanksgiving we headed to Greensboro to eat some turkey and yummy food with my family. Then on the day after, after being up most of the night shopping online for good deals, we headed to Sparta for Thanksgiving with Andy's family. While we were there we got a tree at a Christmas tree farm. It is a fun time. They have a hayride, and food and of course Santa! It was so funny, we put Mack on Santa's lap and he turned around looked at him, like who are you, then turned looked at me and smiled! All the while, Cale and Carter refused to go anywhere near Santa. They finally agreed to get in the sleigh because their cousins got in, but they were as far from Santa as they could be. We chose a super large tree this year because last year when we got the tree home it was much, much shorter than we anticipated. I like big fat trees, so I wanted to be on the safe side. It was a little large, kind of felt like Griswolds before cutting the string, but it wasn't quite that bad. It is a beautiful tree and I am very happy with it!

Now for December, well so far, hopefully I will post again next week. It has once again been a busy month! I started the month off doing a big holiday shopping event with my business, so I feel like that consumed me for awhile. After that things started to slow down a little for me. I just had to keep up with online orders. I still was a little overwhelmed, so shopping continued online. Thank you Amazon!! I did get to go help both the boys' classes build gingerbread houses. I have never done that before and it was really fun! Mack is still growing and happy as ever! He has kept an ear infection in his right ear for about a month. The only way I know it is bothering him is when I lay him down he screams. This is his first ear infection, so we are glad it took so long before he got one, but if it doesn't clear up soon then we will be talking tubes again. YUCK! Mack had his 15 month check up the other day and is still in the 70th percentile for height and 50th for weight. He is a tall kid, unlike his brothers. He did get three shots and immediately after he calmed down and went straight to the nurse that give him the shots. She said that had never happened before and he made her day! He is a sweetie! Everyone in his class at church and mmo love him and it is a comforting feeling for me to know he is getting lots of love when he his not with me. Tomorrow I am subbing at preschool and he is going into the one year old class for Monday and Tuesday. I really hope he doesn't choose now to start crying when I leave him!

I can't believe it has been so cold this month!  It has already snowed twice!!

We tried to get the boys to want to tell Santa what they want for Christmas or even write a letter, because they can actually do that now and it is so cute, but they will not. Cale told me today that he didn't care what Santa brought him as long as it wasn't a lump of coal! Carter says he wants a video game and Uno Attack, but says that if Santa doesn't bring it to him then that's ok because he is sure he will like whatever he gets! How did I get so lucky??!! These kids are great!! They really don't ever ask for anything in stores and if they do and we say not today then they just say, ok. We really have too much stuff and it is mostly all used or been given to us, but it seems like too much. Even though we have a playroom full we do try and teach the boys that stuff isn't what is important. They told us yesterday that they know what the real meaning of Christmas is and it is to celebrate the birth of Jesus. So glad they get it since most adults don't!

I am so in love with my children. I feel so blessed more and more everyday. Sometimes I know that the days are long and some feel much longer than others, but I am now truly understanding that saying that the days are long, but the years are short. I just can't believe how old the boys are and how fast time goes once they started school. I really don't want them to grow up and I try hard to keep Mack as a baby. But they are all growing and too fast. My prayer is that they always stay true to themselves and know that Christ Jesus is the purpose for all they do and all they have been given in life. I pray this Christmas and New Year that everyone realizes that and that everyone can look at their loved ones and just realize that is the only thing that we need in life and that our belongings are not what is important. I know I definitely get caught up in that at times, but I am really going to change. I don't care what people thing of us, we live in a kind of wealthy neighborhood and we are not (we just love old houses, so we bought one). So it is hard not to feel like you have to keep up with the Jones', but lately I don't care. I know so many people that are having struggles and I just feel blessed that we have happy and healthy children and that Andy and I are happily married and we have wonderful family and friends.   Please remember to count your blessings daily because we are so lucky to have them.