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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Relaxing Sunday

Today was a nice day. We went to church. Carter was so excited that today he got to ride the big red bus to and from church (our church has a shuttle from the parking lot). The boys get so excited about going to church, which makes Andy and I so happy! We stopped by the Cookout, the best place in the world, on the way home and got lunch. The boys took long naps, yes! I got a little work done and Andy started on our taxes. The boys were very pumped about having quesadillas again for supper and then ran around like crazy people until they went to bed at 9:00.

It was a day in which I feel so blessed to have the boys and to have the life we have. The series our church is doing is helping me a lot and the Bible study we have just joined. This morning before we even got ready for church the boys were already making me feel just how lucky I am with something so small, but so sweet. They were eating some cinnamon bread and Cale had already finished his and Carter asked him did he want a piece of his and Cale's was a classic response of, "Oh, yeah." Then when Carter gave it to him Cale said thank you and Carter said your welcome then offered him another piece. They really do amaze me at how loving they are to each other. They definitely have their death match fights, but they do occur way less often these days. I know several people that are having twins that are people I have known for a while and it is funny to me. It's funny because 3 years ago when I knew no one that had twins I would pray that someone I knew would have twins so that I could talk to them about what it was like. Now I know lots of people with twins thanks to church (we go to a huge church) and the local multiples club and MOPS and it is so great. I really do feel like I am a totally different person. I do feel kinda bad when people I know have twins because I can't help but think, man I feel so sorry for you. I think this because without a doubt the hardest time of my life was the first 10 months of Cale and Carter's life. I thought being pregnant was so hard especially the last 5 weeks, but in the delivery room one of my many nurses told me (during my 47 minutes of pushing Carter out) that this was the easy part. I was like what!!! You know what, that nurse was so right! I would have went through labor a hundred more times rather than go through some of the stuff we went through the next 10 months. I really had moments where I thought I was being punished! I know that sounds horrible, but it was rough. I got lucky that the boys slept through the night at a young age, but didn't sleep during the day and the night sleeping ended at 6 months with teething and ear infections and still no day time sleeping. So it was rough until ear tubes and cry it out was an option. I really do pray for all the new twin mommies that their journey is much easier than mine and they have someone early on that they can relate to. That was definitely the factor that saved my sanity. I know God put those people in my life so that I wouldn't completely loose my mind. Now though I look at these sweet little boys and truly feel blessed. I think I would feel even more blessed if they would be potty trained! Oh well, I know it will come with time and it does make me sad to think that my little babies are growing up. Almost sad enough to want another baby and then Andy jokes, "With who my next husband?"

Carter has the sticker on:

They are very proud of their artwork.

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Our good friends Matt and Karen came over the other night with their little girl who is 18 months old. The boys were so concerned with her. Every time she would do something or go somewhere they would ask, "Where's the baby?" Before leaving we got these cute pictures of them. Her and Cale are kissing and hugging in the last two pictures. I think she has the hots for Cale because she could not keep her hands off him. It was so cute and funny! I think we thought it was much more funny than Cale did.

Carter was like don't even think about taking my Lightening McQueen.

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Monday, February 18, 2008

Weekend Visitors

Grandma and Grandpa or Peepaw as Carter calls him, came and visited this past weekend. The boys had a great time playing outside and inside with Grandma and Grandpa "Peepaw".

Carter is so excited to have a new Spiderman ball and new shovel for the sandbox.

Their most favorite thing to do outside is swing! Belly swinging can be a little dangerous with the occasional head bang, but I like it because they can do it themselves.

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Happy Valentine's Day!

The boys were so happy about their Valentines. They are always so proud of their artwork. They got several valentines with lollipops and they could not wait to lick them. They have carried these bags around since Wednesday! It is amazing how a paper bag and some cards can entertain.

The blue ones are their favorites! They love having blue tongues.

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