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Thursday, January 31, 2008

A Teacher Maybe?

The boys were doing the cutest thing EVER the other day! I was in the dining room and I look up and see Cale holding a book for Carter to see and he was saying, "Carter what do you see?" and Carter answered,"Apples" and Cale was like, "Good Carter. How many Apples?" and Carter counted them and said however many there were and Cale told him,"Good job!" They crack me up everyday! The more they can say the funnier they get.

Cale is saying cheese!

Now Cale is trying to tell Carter to look at the camera and say cheese.

Cale is actually trying to turn Carter's head toward the camera. Think Cale is a little bossy?
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For the first time ever Cale and Carter at cookies that I made, well Nestle but I put them on the cookie sheet. Cale probably ate 5 cookies, they were mini cookies and Carter only had a couple. He was more interested in eating his yummy broccoli chedder rice. That is why they don't really eat sweets, they love healthy food! I don't know how long it will last, but I have really thanked God for their eating habits.

The boys love to have their pictures taken! They mainly love to look at themselves after they have their picture taken, that is why they are so close to the camera. They don't get that they need to back up, let me take the picture, and then they can see themselves.

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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A Little Snow

On Saturday it started snowing, and by Sunday morning this is all we had. It was suppose to be 2-4 inches, but not quite.

Carter was the first one out. Cale was having a meltdown inside.

Once Cale came out...they look as if they are conspiring against Andy.

This is the one I now have on my laptop desktop and Cale says that Carter is pushing him in this picture.

They wanted to build a snowman, but not enough snow. Actually, Cale kept asking where the snowman was. I think he thought that snowmen were just in the snow.

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Saturday, January 19, 2008

A Lot Going On

We have had a lot going on lately and the biggest news is that on Thursday Carter peed in the potty! He told me he had to go and after not wanting to sit on the potty and doing the pee pee dance for twenty minutes I finally convinced him to try sitting on the big potty and he did and he peed!!! I felt like this huge weight was lifted off my shoulder and a happiness over something that was totally out my hands that I had not felt since I found out I was pregnant and his first steps. I felt this way because not only do we go through about $50 worth of diapers a week, but they can't go to the 3 year old room at preschool until they are potty trained. Now they won't be moving up until Sept, but my boys like to keep us on their terms. Like they didn't start walking until 2 weeks before school was to start and there again they had to be walking to go to school. Well anyways, Cale was at first very mad that he couldn't make his pee come out, but he doesn't care anymore. At lunch today was the second time Carter said he had to go and he went on the big potty. Today however, we had a little accident at the potty. I think he got nervous as soon as he sat down and jumped up then started peeing, so I put him back on and he finished on the potty! I figured he would potty first just because he is more of a Mommy pleaser than Cale. Cale could care less if he is doing what you want him to do and if he makes you happy.

This past week was also a sad one at their new school. Carter is finally realizing that Cale is not ever going to be in his class. On Thursday he cried and was saying, "See Cale. Cale's class." This broke my heart when I dropped him off. Then on the way home after picking them up I asked them about school and Carter said, "Carter miss Cale." They are the best of buddies! Carter's teacher told me that on the playground when Cale's class comes out that Carter runs to him and they hug and then run hold hands! That is so sweet! I think that being in different classes has helped them love each other even more, but it makes me sad because I don't like them being in different classes and away from each other. Oh well, every one says it is good for them.

Well we are suppose to get several inches of snow today and it hasn't started yet as of 2:10, so we'll see. The boys have never played in the snow before, so I was hoping that we really would get several inches. I will definitely posting pictures if there is any snow to play in!

My parents and aunt came up last Saturday for my mom's birthday. It was fun and the boys love getting away with everything! They are really starting to get the hang of this birthday thing. Last week Cale was "playing" on his keyboard and singing happy birthday to Lightening McQueen. It was really funny. I heard him while in my sewing room, but if I had been in there he would have never done that.
This was my attempt at getting a picture for my mom's birthday card.
As you can see they didn't really want to participate.

Here they are kinda getting into it. They loved this one after I printed them because Carter is hiding.

Here are the boys helping my mom blowout her candles. The only candles we had were two 1's and two 2's, so Andy made my mom 122 (which she really appreciated).

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Saturday, January 5, 2008

Off to a Nice Start

We had a pretty rocky New Year's Day with the boys. We thought they would be fine without a nap, well we were wrong, but at least they were asleep by 6:30 that night. Apparently they have gotten back into really needing a nap, but the last two days has meant they are now laying awake in bed until, well what time is it 9:50 and I still hear one singing. At least they are singing now and not running around terrorizing the room. We had been sitting at their door until they fall asleep since Aug. and I decided with the new year I would loosen up a little. It has actually went a lot better than I anticipated. Tonight was the first night one has gotten out of bed and, it was Cale, and he knew it meant no paci for a little bit because he gave it right to me. After a little crying I gave it back and talked to him and he has been fine.

Today it was so cute! I heard Carter come up to Andy in the hallway this morning and say, "Daddy will you play with me?" How cute is that?! They really are starting to say the cutest stuff and everyday it amazes me what they know.

Well a little note about my business, I have had almost 1,000 visitors to my website! As of tonight it was at 979 and that is only since the end of Aug. I will also have my shop showcased on the Etsy children's category (http://www.etsy.com/ and Category's and Children) tomorrow for 24 hours, so I am really praying that it brings in more business. I put a few new things up tonight, so check it out.

We have now put the boys in a little morning program on Tue and Thurs just until the end of May so that I can really get to sewing and hopefully get my business growing a little more. They went Thur for the first time and loved it! I like it, but not nearly as much as the preschool they go to and where I work. Which on Friday I got to work in the 4 yo room, usually I am in the 1's, well I was a little nervous at first just because I had no idea what to expect, but I loved it! The teacher I worked with let me help with teaching them to hold a pencil and draw a straight line and cut with scissors. I know this sounds like nothing, but it really made me miss teaching for the first time, except this time it made me want to teach this kind of stuff instead of middle school. We'll see what the future holds, but I love everything I am doing now and love the time I get to spend with the boys.