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Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 Year End Review

This year I have really stunk at keeping up this blog!  I thought once a week seemed reasonable, but then I couldn't do that and then I thought once a month could definitely be doable, but no.  I will really try harder this year!  Here is a wrap up of all we have done over the past 12 months...

Last year we started off the year pretty good.  The boys enjoyed their first big snow and got to really go sledding.  That was so fun!  Then we quickly got hit with strep, then the flu.   Then not one, but two stomach bugs in January and February.  I think I lost about 12 lbs!  That was nice since I had that last little bit of weight from Mack, but throwing up...not so fun.  We spent the first of the year passing illnesses back and forth.  

Once Spring finally came, Carter wanted to play tennis  He did great for his first sporting event without Cale!  He really did do a terrific job.  Then Cale did soccer, which he loves, and then they both did tee ball.  Mack took swimming lessons in which he, in true Mack fashion, was completely opposite from his brothers and was the star swimmer in his class.  We also did some strawberry picking, a family favorite!  We did spend Easter sick too.  That was a first for that holiday.

In May for Cale and Carter's 6th birthday we surprised them with a trip to Disney World!  Well I was actually more excited than anyone, go figure.  Mack would have been had we been brave enough to take him, but we didn't and he stayed with Mawmaw and Papaw.  The boys had a blast!  We flew, they enjoyed that a lot.  Then we stayed at the Animal Kingdom Lodge, which was awesome!  We spent four busy days there and then had to come home.  I want to go back so bad!!

On the magical express!

Then in June the boys wrapped up their first year in school.  They did great!  We couldn't have been more proud of them.  In June we went to Great Wolf Lodge with Andy's side of the family.  It was a lot of fun, but the water was a little cold for me.  The boys actually said it was more fun than Disney, GASP!!!  I don't know about all that, but it was fun.  Especially the big water slides.  

After GWL we left the older boys with the grandparents in Charlotte for a week and Andy, me and Mack headed to the coast for a few days at the beach.  It was nice and relaxing.  I always miss the kids when we are missing one or two of them.  It was nice to spend some alone time with Mack since we had just done the same with the older two at Disney.  

I finally talked Andy into a pool membership this year and it was so nice heading to the pool every afternoon.  Mack and Carter were jumping off the diving board and swimming under water by the end of the summer.  Cale, was trying his best. He did go under some at the end and I think jumped off the board a few times.  

July we started the month with our first lost tooth!  Cale lost a tooth on the 4th.  Then we headed back to the beach for a few days at the end of the month.  It was fun, except for the long walks to get to the beach and Mack kept rubbing sunscreen in his eyes (thanks to Andy caking it on his face).  August was long until school started back.  The kids were of course driving me crazy!  Any mom who says her kids don't ever drive her crazy is lying!!!  Always remember that and when they say it, nod and say, "ok, whatever."  The boys started first grade!  I can hardly believe it.  Mack started preschool.  Because of his birthday he is in the one year old class, which is good that he is the oldest whereas his brothers are the youngest.  

September was when Mack turned 2.  I really can't believe that!  I still baby him way more than I did with Cale and Carter, but in my defense it is much harder to baby two than one.  He is very fun and is really developing his speech and motor skills.  This age is so fun to watch because they learn so many new things and it is so exciting for them.  When he does something new he will clap and say, "yay Mack!"  No self esteem problems there.  He also likes to do EVERYTHING himself.  He says, "Mack help." when he wants to do it himself, which I think is so funny.  He loves to play outside, ride his bike, swing, jump on the trampoline, and play in the cozy coupes.

October we did many pumpkin patch trips, we visited an apple farm and picked apples, and headed to the mountains for some family fun in the corn maze.  I work a lot this month, but on the weekends was totally family time.  Andy and I took a trip to CO.  It was for his work, but we were able to enjoy a couple days to ourselves.  

November went by way too fast.  I once again worked like crazy!  We took a nice trip to OH for Thanksgiving.  It was Mack's first time up there because he is a TERRIBLE car rider.  He did ok.  It was bearable and we didn't drive off a cliff, so that equals success.  On the way home we stopped in Sparta and got a tree.  

December also went way too fast.  I am seeing a trend here.  It was seriously filled with work, decorating, shopping, school events, school parties, and family time.  I love the holidays and hate when they go by so quickly.  Carter lost not one but two teeth this month!  He actually had his permanent tooth in behind his baby tooth that hadn't fallen out yet.  It was funny because it was the same tooth that was coming in for Cale and it was in the exact some amount.  Identical twin same DNA stuff is so cool!

Happy New Year!!  Hope that everyone's 2012 is full of peace, happiness and good health!!  May God Bless you always!!

Christmas of 2011

This Christmas was a good one.  No one got sick, that is a major plus in this house, the boys were happy, and even Mack seemed to be getting into the Christmas thing.  I miss babies, but it is nice when they really get into it all.  The boys asked Santa for pogo sticks and so Santa got it for them.  They don't ask for much or really anything ever, so this was a good thing.  Carter was a tiny bit bummed that he didn't get the crayon maker he wanted, but I explained to him that Santa must have run out and that is way.  He said ok and that was the end of it.  Actually Santa read what a big piece of crap they were and decided it wasn't even worth the $20, although I wonder if he should have just went with it.  

All the boys got roller blades from us, well Mack got roller skates.  They loved them!  They also got some wii games, walkie talkies, and Mack got some tractors.  Mack's favorite gift was his very own hippity hop from Santa.  He loved it so much that he opened ALL of his presents while sitting on the ball.  

Andy got clothes, new sunglasses and a cherry pitter.  Exciting, right?  He got me a Kindle and NCSU basketball tickets.  We aren't really gift givers to each other because it is our money and we like to use it towards useful stuff.  

After presents were opened we headed to Greensboro and Charlotte to have two more Christmases.  Always fun watching the cousins play together.  

Christmas Eve just before heading to Kanki for our traditional dinner.

Christmas morning!

We had to wake Mack up, I guess he was still tired.

Loving the new slippers

Opening his presents on the hippity hop

Picture with my brother's kids.  I love how my son is picking his nose!  He doesn't do this often, but of course chooses to do it during the picture.