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Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Perfect Tree

Most years we head up to Sparta, NC to get our Christmas tree the weekend after Thanksgiving.  We go to one of those lots were you find the one you want and they cut it for you.  So much fun for the kids.  Usually we go to a big one with hay ride, food, Santa, and other stuff, but this year we tried a new one.  It was ok, but I think we did find a pretty tree.  It didn't have all the hoopla I like, but it had a good tree and that is what the point is.  

Mack of course gave us a hard time when we first got there.  Hence the picture of him crying and reaching for me.

The big boys

Grandma trying to help wrangle Mack in for a picture.  He was very uncooperative.  Some people would be shocked, but this is Mack the majority of the time.  His way or no way!

A family picture with our tree!

Mack crying again.

The boys watching the tree get wrapped up for the ride home.

Cousin Leah with Mack.  She is such a big help!  

The boys loving the truck.

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