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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Leaves and Thanksgiving

Today I am really catching up!!  I love this owning my own business and being to take off whenever I want!  Although the down side would have to be if I don't work then I don't make money.  Oh well, my kids are only little once and it is well worth it!!  

I always try and do some cute fall pictures in the yard every year.  This year it was kind of hard since the kids insist on wearing wind pants to school everyday and the weather was kind of on the warm side and when those things weren't going on it was raining.  I finally got them all changed one afternoon and went out and we got ready to take some pictures and I found a snake in the leaves!  I did take a picture and it was just a cute little baby brown snake.  I say keep'em, they keep the bugs and mice population down!  It did make us a little more leery about being in the leaves though.  I got a few cute pictures.  It was hard since Mack decided it was more fun to throw the leaves, thus making for lots of blurry pictures.  

For Thanksgiving we finally made the trek back to Ohio.  It has been 3 years since we have been up there.  We love going up at Christmas, but this year it didn't work out with the kids days off and at Thanksgiving was Andy's grandma's 85th birthday.  Well Mack is a terrible car rider and he has gotten a little better.  We got the new (well new to us) car, a 2007 Yukon Denali, and it has plenty of room and a built in DVD player.  We even hooked up the old car player for the older boys so that they wouldn't have to watch what Mack wanted for 12 hours.  Well the way up was ok.  It would have been better had it not rained the ENTIRE way.  I don't think that has ever happened to us before.  We had a great time up there and loved seeing family.  If it was more cost efficient to fly then we would visit more.  Once it was time to head home Mack of course woke up sick.  He had so much mucus that it caused him the throw up, several times.  Well Andy's cousin's wife is a nurse at a pediatricians office and she hooked us up with some meds and we were on our way.  Only a few hours later than planned.  Andy then felt the need to speed.  He was going a little too fast and got pulled on some country roads in OH.  Well the policeman felt sorry for us after looking back at our sickly Mack and decided to give us a warning.  Andy then drove the speed limit the rest of the 10 hours.  We made it safely and no more throwing up, which is about the best thing one can ask for!  

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