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Friday, December 16, 2011

Out West

At the end of October Andy and I took a trip to Colorado Springs.  Actually Andy had to do a job site visit and since I had never been I tagged along.  It was very beautiful!  I don't think I have ever taken so many scenic photos before.  The Rocky Mountains were so amazing.  They almost didn't look real.

The first day we got there Andy had to do his job site stuff, so I stayed at the hotel and chilled.  So nice to sit and do nothing!!  That NEVER happens at home, which is why this blog never gets updated.  That night we had dinner with a guy Andy had been working with out there and his wife.  They gave us some great tips for our trip.  The next day we headed out to a town that was having a coffin race, it was Halloween weekend and that brings out the crazy people.  We should have figured that a Halloween festival would be a little different for us, but we thought it was a family type of event.  Well there were lots of families there and it was definitely interesting.  For living in the tobacco capital of the world, I don't think I have ever seen so many people smoke as I did when we were in CO!  I thought I was going to die at this coffin race thing, so we went and ate lunch in a non smoking restaurant.  Then we headed up to ride the Pike's Peak Cog Train.  We didn't stick around for the coffin race, figured it wasn't really our thing and I didn't want to have an asthma attack.

We were totally bummed that we didn't make it to the top of Pike's Peak.  There was snow on the track.  Really?!  Does it not snow enough there that they don't know how to clean it off?  Oh well, it was fun and we made it to about 12,000 feet.  Then we headed off to see the Garden of the Gods.  That was pretty and very neat to see.  One thing I couldn't get over was how brown everything was out there.  Even most of the homes were brown.  There wasn't much grass either.  You know in south, it does not look like that.  It is very green here or at least where we live.  It was very fun to see what other parts of the US look like though and I had a great time!

The next day we drove to Crippled Creek and saw some awesome views.  We also gambled with some blue haired old ladies.  It was fun. Then we decided to try and drive to the top of Pike's Peak.  Nope, didn't make it that way either.  We made to just above 12,000 feet and were able to see much different views than we did on the cog train.  We got out and walked a little and it was insanely cold and windy!!  That was the end of our fun little getaway weekend!  We came back on Halloween just in time to take the kids out for a lovely, rainy trick or treating event.  It was a great trip and I'm so glad I got to go experience it and catch up on sleep!!

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