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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Last Day of School!

Cale and Carter had their last day of school this past Thursday. Today after we got dressed, at 10:45, they said, "Yeah Mary and Cindy school!" Then I had to keep telling them as we were getting in the car to go to Target that no we were not going to school today. They will be back at school the next two weeks for summer camp and then two more in July. I am very worried how they are going to react to moving up to two new teachers. At least they will have each other and all their friends, so maybe it won't be as bad as think it is going to be. Yeah right! These are my children, so I am sure it will be bad on the first day of school.
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Memorial Weekend

For Memorial Day we took a trip to the mountains with the Warnke side of the family. We went up to Stone Mtn, NC and hiked around and had a picnic lunch. The next day we went up the Blue Ridge Pkwy to another hiking park with fun stones for the kids to climb on.

The boys really surprised us. In the two days they probably hiked a couple miles and we didn't carry them at all! With having twins they have been pretty much stroller or shopping cart bound because it is pretty hard to get what you need and keep up with two little ones. They are now getting too big for the stroller, so they need to learn to walk and stay close.

We also stopped by my parents on the way home and the boys got a hair cut and played a little. They of course love to play with the old pedal cars! Cale said today that the four wheeler my mom is on was Papaw's birthday present. One day I keep meaning to write down the crazy funny things they say before I forget!

Enjoy for now!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

My Babies are 3!!!

The boys turned three on Mother's Day and we had a little party for them in the backyard on Saturday. Overall I think that it went well. No major meltdowns like the previous two birthdays and no big disasters, like rain or anything. It was a very beautiful day!

We decided to go easy and only do what the boys like, since it is their birthday. So we had Krispy Kreme doughnuts, their favorite, and they requested a Lightning McQueen birthday, so that is what they got. My mom made the very cool cakes, I helped plan and made the actual cake part, but as for decorating--I am no good.

We didn't grill out because at their first birthday Andy undercooked all the burgers, poor guy. So he said never again was he cooking for that many people. Last year we did pizza, but there was only family and by the time you eat pizza, who wants cake? I like the simple, cake, ice cream, doughnuts, a few friends and few snacks. We will probably do this next year and hopefully then it will be in our new screened in porch!!! There will be more to come on the addition, but we are still in the planning and budgeting phase right now. The expected start date is Jan '09!!!! Can't

Anyways, the last few pictures of the slideshow was the boys at their little school birthday tea party---we of course did more doughnuts!


Tuesday, May 6, 2008

No More Babies!

Well, I don't know what made me do it, but yesterday I broke the boys' pacifiers! In broke I mean I cut the nipple off. They were kinda like, what? Papaw fix it. Then I had to explain to them that they couldn't be fixed and they were big boys. That kinda worked. They didn't nap yesterday, but went to sleep after only 45 mins of trouble making last night and today at nap. It has gone much smoother than the last time I tried, which was almost a year ago. They took it much better and Carter's personality didn't change like it did last time, so I guess it was time. I am very sad about it, because they are not babies anymore. I guess they are almost 3 and it is about time.

After last night, which Andy wasn't at home for, I wanted to give them back today because it was just so hard for me. It is their last babish thing they have. I should be glad about it, but it is hard watching them grow up. I feel like I never enjoyed them enought when they were babies. I was in pure survival mode. Maybe if there is a next time I will be able to enjoy it more. I am now enjoying every minute with the boys because as cliche' as it is they do grow up way to fast. The song I have on here, You're Gonna Miss This, is so right! That song is so our life. The one bedroom apt, screaming kids. I do miss the early married days and I am so glad we waited a while to have kids, but now life is going is super speed and I wish it would slow down. Andy wants the boys to be 18 and off to college, but little does he know that this is the easy time.

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Monday, May 5, 2008

Family Pictures!

We haven't had family pictures taken in two years, so I thought it was aobut time to update. The last time we went to Portrait Innovations it was a complete disaster! The boys were only 18 months old and it was for Christmas pictures. They screamed and there tantrums and I ended up having to hold them and we had ONE picture turn out. Which for money reasons that was great because then I only got the $10 special.

This time was much different. The boys smiled in every picture! They may not have sat where the photographers wanted them to, but they did smile. They had school pictures made a few weeks ago and they turned out ok, not as good as they usually do. These turned out great and I bought way to many! Here are a few some we bought some we didn't.



Cale (left) and Carter

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Birthday Present!

For the boys' birthday Andy built them a tower with a slide and there is some monkey bars still to come, Andy did goo just getting the tower done. Here are some pics of the finishing touches and the boys getting to use it.

They are watching Daddy drill

Cale going down the slide--it is pretty big and fast.

The boys trying out their fun steering wheel.

Carter trying to go down the big slide. He is a little more hesitant about things than Cale is.

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