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Monday, May 24, 2010

Preschool Graduation

The boys graduated from preschool last week! I really thought all week that there was no way I was going to make it without crying, but I managed to make it. I did tear up a couple times. The first being when the kids when to put on their little cap and gowns and they showed a DVD slide show, but it started with pictures of the kids that were there in the one year old class. When I saw my sweet barely haired babies up there I did get a little teary eyed. It is so amazing how fast they grow and how fast time goes by. It really does seem like yesterday I was carrying them into school one on each hip, yes I carried them both in everyday! They started when they were only 16 months old. It really has been the best use of money ever!!! It has been a wonderful experience for both of us. The boys have learned so much. Mainly socially, how to trust and be away from me and know I will be back and that they are loved. I also worked there for two years and they all feel like family to me. I am really going to miss not being there next year, Mack misses the one year class cut off by 16 days. I just love it there so much and know my kids were loved. They always talk about school and their teachers. Especially their 3 year old teachers. Cale was really impacted by his teachers that year. That is always heart warming to hear him talk about it. I hope that their kindergarten year is just as successful and that they have loving teachers that help them learn and grow even more. I will really miss Ridge Rd next year. It was a great place for my kids and the best place I ever worked.

This is just before the program. I was a little worried about the participation, hence Carter on the left. They had told me they were going to sing and dance.

There they are singing and doing the hand motions! It is hard to see, but they did participate in every song!! We were so proud of them. They did a great job.

After they graduated! Kindergarten here we come!!

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My Babies are 5!!!

Well the day I never thought would come has come...my babies turned 5 years old!! I think about their birth a lot and it is so hard to believe that it has been 5 years! I thought when they were born that was an age that seemed so very far away. We have been through so much and we are definitely better having gone through it. They really are such sweet and loving boys. I really hate it when people say, "don't you wish you had a girl?" or when people would say," 2 boys, wow. You have your hands full." I just say, "yes, and I am so glad that I have sweet boys who love their mommy." They will just come up to me and say, "I just love you." That is so sweet. I actually heard Cale on his birthday tell Carter, "I can't believe I am 5 today. I really liked being 4 and 3." I should probably watch what I say around them before they start being sad about growing up. But it has been really hard for me to have them grow up and go to kindergarten. So much in just a few months. All those hard times seem so long ago and what seemed like we would never get through was gone in the blink of an eye.

I hate that it has taken me so long to post the boys birthday pics or at least some of them. I really will get all of them on here in a slide show sometime. We are on summer vacation now, so time for relaxing and just enjoying each other. Sometimes we just don't do that enough. I really hate when people are so ready for their kids to grow up or complain about them being little. They really aren't little for that long and I know I probably did my fair share of complaining back in the days when it was trying on me physically, mentally and emotionally everyday. I would do anything to get those days back, but you learn from that to enjoy even the trials in life because that just makes you realize how blessed you really are.

Here we are on Mother's Day, which is always around their birthday. Mother's day fell on the Sunday two days before they were born. I remember we went out to eat that day for lunch and the host gave me a flower for mother's day because he said it looked like I was close enough to becoming a mother.

The boys just wanted to play Mario Cart for their birthday.

Cale wanted a zoo cake and Carter wanted a Cars cake. We had small group that night, so we celebrated with them.

This was their big present...a basketball goal!!! They were so excited.
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Monday, May 3, 2010

No, You Don't Have to Breastfeed

I saw this article yesterday and thought it was very helpful.  I am breastfeeding Mack, although for about 3 months he had breast milk mixed with Alimentum formula, but Cale and Carter I only made it for about a month and felt terrible guilty for quitting.  I wish I had read this article then.  I don't know how long I am going to nurse, but when I think about quitting I still feel guilty and I don't know why.  Cale and Carter are perfect and in my opinion geniuses and Mack has had several months of formula and now gets it when we are out and I don't want to nurse in public because I can't because he is way too distracted to actually eat. So why do I still feel gulity?!  Andy says it is because I couldn't make it work last time and this time I did and I feel like I shouldn't quit.  Maybe that is it.  I am making up for lost time.  I don't know, but I do know there is nothing wrong with not breastfeeding and formula is just as good, as I have two wonderful children that had pretty much nothing but formula. 

I just wish moms would support other moms no matter what their decision is!  Why can't we all just say "That is great and I am so glad that is what works for your family." ? Just like working, stay at home, homeschooling, public school, private school or any other hard decision that a family has to make.  I hate when moms critize other moms for their decisions.  Life is hard enough without others critizing our choices.  I have in the past definitely heard it about the not breastfeeding issue and the staying at home (although I call it work at home while spending time with your kids) and it has made me feel crappy.  I have never critized another mom, or at least not meant to, because I know how gulity or bad it makes me feel.  Please let's just support moms becasue this job is hard enough! 

No, You Don't Have to Breastfeed

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