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Monday, March 29, 2010

Long Time---Good News!

Since my last post Mack had his 6 month check up and everything come back great!!!  That means for the past week and half I have been able to add dairy and soy back to my diet and nothing has happened to Mack!  This is great news and a relief.  However, dairy and soy now make me a little sick when I eat it.  Oh well, it is for the best since it does prove to be helpful in losing weight and I have 15 more pounds to go.  More about Mack, he is now up to a whopping 17 lbs 14 oz and is 27 1/2" long!!!  That is a big boy.  He is in the 75% in height, which is a number Cale and Carter have never seen (poor things).  Mack may catch up with them one day.  We did get the go ahead for doing cry it out at night.  The doctor said we could if we wanted and I said, "Are we opposed to sleep?  No."  So we started that Sunday night when we got back from Charlotte.  He did great! Cried only 30 mins around 9:30 and then slept all night!!!  Every night since has been great.  He may wake up once sometime, but cries for a minute or so and that is it!  He has been sleeping until 7:30am!!  Sleep=Good.   Now if I can be more consistent with his napping schedule.

In the past week and half since I last posted (sorry about that), we have taken a little trip to Charlotte.  Andy wanted to go ride his bike in some trails with his brother, so me and the boys hung out with the rest of the fam.  The boys got to spend the night with their cousins and they love spending time with them.  I got to have pizza for the first time in 2 1/2 months and it tasted so good!  The boys dyed Easter eggs with their cousins too and loved every minute of that.  Cale of course wanted to eat his right away.  Yes he likes hard boiled eggs (I do to) and as he says, "I"m hungry all the time." 

Last week we went to NCSU Farm Days.  Last year they did not have this because of the economy or whatever, so we were totally pumped they had it this year!  The boys got to hold some baby chicks and turkeys, pet bunnies and see the biggest bull I have ever seen in my life!  They are actually scared of it at first.  I am not kidding that thing was huge!!  Mack also had a good time. 

The boys are on spring break this week, so with last week being the last week at school before Easter they had their big egg hunt!  I bet there was well over 1,000 eggs for their class!!!  They had a serious amount of fun!  Carter loved chasing his buddy William to the eggs and seeing who could get the egg first.  Whereas Cale was very focused on finding eggs.  He was so serious and it was so cute!  Cale informed us the other day that when he grows up and can drive that he wants a minivan because the doors open all by itself.  He has given up on asking me to get one since I told him that day would NEVER come!  No offense to people that drive and like their minivans.  I can see where they are very useful, but it seriously makes me almost vomit at the thought of having to drive one. 

This brings me to this past weekend, poor Carter got yet another stomach bug.  He has had two this month alone!  Luckily no one else has gotten sick.  He was up literally all night Friday night throwing up and thankfully he didn't wake Cale up at all and Mack of course woke up, but cried for a minute and fell back asleep.  Cale actually had no clue what had happened the night before.  That kid would sleep through a dump truck driving through a nitroglycerin plant (Christmas Vacation).  Carter ended up falling asleep on the couch at around 3:30 Saturday afternoon and stayed asleep until 5 Sunday morning!  We did change him in to his pjs, but he didn't really wake up.  When he woke up he did vomit again.  So me, him, and Mack stayed home from church while Andy and Cale went on.  This was the first time one of them has gone to church alone.  Cale did surprisingly well.  I was very proud of him.  Carter began to eat and feel better.  Right now they are at Mawmaw and Papaws for a couple days, Yahoo!!!  I do miss them and I think Mack does too.

Ok, I think that just about does it. Here are pictures from the month of March.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Mack's Diet Update

I realized the other day when I posted that I didn't even mention Macks MSPI (milk and soy protein intolerance) issue. Well, I think that he is on the mend!! I really don't want to jinks him, but he is getting much better. By getting much better I mean that I haven't seen any mucus in his stool in a few weeks. It use to be so sensitive that if I got his breastmilk to formula ratio off by even a half an ounce he would have a really messy diaper for a day or more. Lately, none of that. It has been looking more normal everyday. Now this information was a little gross, but he does have a gastorintestional issue. I have now been able to nurse him 4 times a day and I give him one mixed bottle, just for when I am ready to stop nursing.

He has been having some sleep issues, so the doctor suggested I start solids. Since then he doesn't seem to interested in milk. I have been giving him rice cereal in hopes of him sleeping better since he was 4 months, but not much has changed. I then started to add oatmeal. Here is the good part, it is not just any oatmeal but oatmeal with probiotics. Those are the good bacteria for your digestive system. I really believe that is what has helped Mack. I could be wrong, as I am still not eating milk or soy. Although, that didn't matter a couple months ago when I first cut it out he because he was still having issues. I did have a couple hushpuppies today and I am pretty sure they contained at least milk. Nothing yet, so we will see what tomorrow brings. Pray that he is growing out of this because I NEED cheese and chocolate!!!!!!!! Good news is I have lost lots of weight and feel super healthy!

After hearing about this "new" hollywood diet about eating lots of fiber and eating other foods in moderation to lose weight. Really, eating stuff in moderation and lots of fiber will help you lose weight? I thought that is common sense and I could write a diet book. My diet is eat NO milk products or soy products (exception is soybean oil) and you will lose weight. That is most definitely going to help you to lose weight. You will however have to take a calcium supplement or mulit-vitamins, but be careful some vitamins contain soy. Actually I am not a fan of cutting all of something out of your diet, but I have had to and it hasn't been so bad. It has really been an eye opening experience to me to see what is really in our foods. Very scarey! I am not really one of those health food nuts or organic person, but this has helped me to see that the simpler the ingredients the better the food. We pretty much eat no processed foods now because they all contain soy fillers. Rachel Ray had a good point the other week and that is, it is better to eat natural foods versus fat free. The reason is that fat free/lowfat contain fillers. I noticed this a couple months ago when I bought a lowfat creamer for my coffee. There were a lot more ingredients and they were fake stuff. That does not sound good. Do you know what you are eating? Well now that it has seriously taken me two days to write this, I am done for now! I am going to try and post more pictures later and by later that could be in hours or days or weeks who knows!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Life is Full

It has been a while since my last post. We have been, as usual, crazy busy. I was sick a couple weeks ago and for what seemed like forever. Then I have been busy with the kids and work and housework and cooking. I really need a maid, chef and nanny. Then I think my life would be complete. Oh and a house that I can have plenty of room and can't hear my kids every location. The boys have been growing up and way too fast! Cale told me the other week that he wished he could have stayed 3 years old forever. When I asked him why his response was, "I just love Ms. Rosemary's class." That was his teacher in the 3 yr old class. Isn't that so sweet. I just had to tell her because sometimes you never know if you have impacted a child's life or not. Well apparently she and Ms. Jane impacted Cale's and he has said that several times since.

I never did post on how my recipes turned out. Well they were super good! I just love my crock pot! Last night I made chicken taco soup, because I had chicken and not beef. It was also very yummy!! We have been eating at home a lot still and hopefully that is saving us some money. I hate to see what is going to happen once I can have milk and soy again. Chik-fil-a here we come!!! Along with many other of our usuals. I don't know how much longer I can eat Wendy's and Moe's. Don't get me wrong they are very yummy, but when those are the two easiest choices on busy nights you get kind of tired of them. I have now moved on the Qdoba, but it isn't as good as Moe's just different.

I always think of things that I want to write about when I am not at my computer and then when I sit down I totally forget. Right now as I am writing this the baby is of course crying. I think he knows when I sit down to do this because he always cries. Well actually he is crying because he won't take a nap. This is definitely not characteristic of this child. I don't know what is going on, teeth, ears, difficultness? I have called the nurse line twice this week and have tried everything they said and nothing. Today he slept for 15 mins!! That is NOT him. He had a full belly, Tylenol (in case it is his teeth or ears), and clean diaper. I thought for sure this time I would be able to get everything right, nope. He sleeps much worse than C&C did at night and during the day he has always done good, until now. He is never cranky though, so at least I do have one happy baby. It's funny when I went to get him from his bed he is happy and acts like nothing happened, go figure! Now he is chilling in the exersaucer. I am so sad he is growing up.

There have been lots of cute things the boys are saying lately, I just forget to write them down. Last night Carter was sick throwing up, so he didn't go to school today. He is feeling better or so he says when he wants to do something, but doesn't feel good when he doesn't want to do it. When it was lunch time I wanted him to have something kind of bland, so he had an apple butter sandwich, it was the best I could do. He wanted jelly, but I told him no that all that sugar was probably not good for his stomach. When Cale got home Carter told him that jelly was all sugar and Cale's was response and in totally shock, "A lot of sugar?!" Carter, "Yes, a lot and that is what made me sick." Their conversations with each other are so darn cute! I also obviously cleaned the bathroom this morning. I thought it smelled a little too much like bleach when I was done. However when Cale got home he went to wash his hands and told me that the bathroom smelled really good. He also thought the floor liked "nice." I had move the rug that was in front of the tub. So I guess he likes the tile floor and the smell of clean. I want them to go to kindergarten, but am not ready to have school aged kids! Where does the time go? I am sad that I wished their baby time away, because now I wish I had been able to enjoy it more. I do enjoy them now. I try to think about that every morning when I get up , about how I need to savor every minute with them because these years will be gone in an instant.

I guess this is the wrap up for now. I am sure I will think of more later. There is actually a few more things, but I will try and post of that later. For now here are some pics from February.

Snow in February

Mack--5 months

Eating Squash

After Mommy and Daddy gave the big boys a hair cut with the clippers
(they wanted thier picture made with Mack)