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Friday, March 28, 2008

This week has been a very busy one, at least for Andy and I, but the boys have had a couple birthday parties and pictures at school. Good news is that next week is spring break!! That means lounge clothes and doing nothing, not having to be anywhere at any certain time all week!! Can you tell I need down time. I have been really blessed this week with my business. Everyday I have had purchases from my Etsy shop and that isn't counting the outside orders that I am working on. I am also on my way to being an official business. That unfortunately means a little increase in prices because I will have to charge sale tax, so sorry.
Wednesday the apartments Andy and I lived in for the first 9 months of our marriage caught on fire. It was the building next to the one we lived in and luckily no one was hurt, but 29 people were left with nothing, so sad.
This morning walking into school Carter said the best thing ever! We walked by this car that had yucky UNC stickers all over it and he yelled GO WOLFPACK!!! I was like yes, that a boy! We hated Carolina in our house and even though I have never told them that, so I guess they were just born with that innate knowledge to distinguish the good from the bad.
Here are a couple pictures from our Bible study picnic at the park last night. We arrive at a new fun park and the first thing my kids want to do is open their lunch boxes and eat. I'm so proud!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Charlotte and Easter

Last week we went to Charlotte to visit the Warnke side of the family. The boys had a great time, including them and Daddy getting sunburned! They were able to wear shorts on Saturday, but Carter was not ready for shorts. It took him forever to get use to wearing them, but he finally did when he started egg dying and playing with his cousins. They had an egg hunt at Grandma and Peepaw's. They ate lots of chocolate!

We also went to Greensboro for Easter Sunday. It was yet again much colder than we would have liked for Easter. The boys were so busy playing with their cousins, Jacob and Maria and their toys that they didn't even want lunch! Which is very unlike them.

We had a great little trip and are looking forward to vacationing with everyone this summer!

Playing Outside and Beauitful Flowers

I love that the weather is getting nicer, because the boys love to be outside. Cale has really been into posing for pictures lately. Carter will take a few pictures and then he would rather go and play.

They also helped Daddy put some grass seed out. Hopefully some grass will be growing before long, but I am not holding my breathe!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Day One: Ridge Rd Easter Egg Hunt

Today was the boys' first Easter Egg hunt of the season. Cale took right off, but Carter was a little hesitant. I think he was thrown off by Andy and I being there so early in the day. Cale was so funny, he just kept running aroung getting eggs and making a funny sound. I wish I had remembered my video camera! Tomorrow they have the egg hunt at their other school, so this should be interesting to see how different they act in doing it by themselves.

More Easter pics to come....

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

New Shirts

I finally got something made for Cale and Carter! I think the monkey shirt may be a little small though. Also, Cale has crazy hair and I have no idea how to fix it except buzz it and there is no way I am ready for that. It is funny to me that his hair fits his personality perfectly!

Cale was the only one who agreed to where to monkey shirt. Carter said he didn't like the monkey shirt.

They both loved the airplane shirt. These fit a lot better. They were not exactly the type of white shirt I wanted, but for boys the only white shirts they make without pockets are undershirts and onesies and I don't need either one of those. I don't understand why they love lots of plain white tees with no pockets for girls! Sometimes it is very hard to have boys when it comes to fashion. There is always so much more to choose from for girls.

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Happy Late St Patty's Day!

Well I took thse pictures yesterday, but didn't get around to posting them. Here are the boys in their green. They had a green tea pary at school where all the food they had was green. They boys loved the green beans the best, my good little eaters!

Cale, who has been in the picture taking mood lately.

Carter finally agreed to join him after I told him I would turn off his video if he didn't sit with Cale for a couple pictures. Carter has been in the very "I want to do the opposite of what you want me to do" mood lately.

Cale loves his "big" egg!

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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Little Engineers

We have all been very busy! As you can see Andy has been working a lot at home and the boys have been watching how Daddy works with his "papers". At first Carter was interested and then Cale. Carter decided it was more fun to climb up on Daddy.

We have also been experiencing some big changes in our neighborhood. The house accross the street from us was bought only 2 weeks ago and last Monday it was knocked down while we were at school. The boys were excited to see the big red dump truck and the big orange digger for the past week, but Andy and I were sad to see our neighbor's house go. This is something that is going to be happening a lot because we do live in a neighborhood where the trend is knock down the old and build a huge monstrosity in it's place. We also have a lot of older neighbors, which we like. The house next door is next to go, at least we think. As soon as I get a couple more pictures I will post them to show how our view has changed and is changing.

I am also hoping to have some new and more cooperative outside pictures up soon. I wanted to do it this weekend, but luckily it was rainy and wet, YEAH!! We needed it to rain so bad, especially since we want our backyard to have grass instead of weeds and dirt before the boys birthday party. Now I must go cut up kiwi for the boys' green tea party tomorrow at school, fun, fun!
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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Past Daffodil Pictures and More!

Here are the past two years of daffodil pictures to go with both of this years. Last years didn't go so well. Neither boy wanted to sit and have their picture made. The first year (2006) it looks like once again only Cale and so we tried another day and got a better picture of Carter. There are also a few more outside pictures from the first year of playing outside. I miss my babies being babies!

Sunday, March 2, 2008


Today we had a big accomplishment!! We had such great success with learning the alphabet and the sounds the letters make using the Leap Frog Letter Factory DVD that we started watching the Talking Words Factory last week. I thought it was way over their heads, but Cale was really into watching it and I guess it paid off. My kids are geniuses what can I say, but Andy says then if they are so smart then why can't they pee in the potty (this is a conflict for another day).

Tonight Andy and I were spelling bath because we weren't ready to give them one yet and I asked Cale what b-a-t-h spelled and he said he didn't know. So I thought I would ask him what c-a-t spells, not thinking he would actually know, and he said CAT!!! I waited a while and asked him again what did c-a-t spell, in case it was a fluke, and he said CAT again!

Here he is in front of the dry erase board Andy just hung up in the playroom for their word whammer and letter factory toys. He was so proud to stand next to the word CAT.

The first picture was a cute little smile and the second one was just so studious looking that I had to post it too. By the way Carter would have nothing to do with standing next to Cale, so that is why he is not in the picture.

This is what Carter was busy doing, try to make his big truck go.

Here I finally got him to look at the camera and you see the look he is giving me.

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Pretty Day with Carter

Here are the pictures of the reluctant Carter. Usually he is very willing to get his picture made, but lately he is testing his independence (at least that is what my mom calls it, but ask Andy and he will give you a different reason). They didn't have a nap today, because we wanted to take advantage of the nice weather and it usually has no effect on them, but I think Carter was a little tired.

Here he is inspecting an acorn with Daddy.

He finally decided to go smell the flowers after Cale made it look so fun. By the way those are the flowers Cale sat on. Carter was trying to stand them back up.

So sweet!

Carter found a big stick and then Andy tried to sit him down for a quick shot together, but he wasn't falling for that one.

Pretty Day with Cale

Since it was such a beautiful day I decided to take some pictures with the boys in the daffodils that are blooming in our yard. I have done this every year and once I figure out how to work the new scanner I will add past daffodil pictures. Well Cale was in a very photographic mood today. Carter on the other hand wanted nothing really to do with it, but I got some cute ones of him too though that I will post next.

Here is Cale sitting on the flowers. I told him to get in the flowers and he took me literally. He actually ended up sitting on that one and in the next picture you can see it in the corner and it is flat.

Now he is like, look mommy I broke the flowers.

This is one of my favorites! He is smelling the flower.

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