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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Charlotte, Train and Discovery Place

This past weekend we went to Charlotte to visit the Warnke side of the family, Andy's parents and brother and his family. We haven't been in a while, but every time we go I am amazed at what a "big" city Charlotte is. I really like the downtown a lot and wish Raleigh's was like that.

While we were in Charlotte we rode the light rail to downtown to go to Discovery Place. The end of it isn't far from where Andy's parents live and the final stop in town is only a block or so from Discovery Place. After riding the train downtown we walked to the Brixx Pizza place to eat lunch. It was very good! Then on to Discovery Place.

I haven't been to Discovery Place since I was probably 6 0r 7 and didn't remember a single thing about the experience except for the fact that I went. It was really fun with the boys! It was crowded, so I was glad that I dressed them in their bright red NCSU tee shirts. They had a circus theme as the main attraction. Our niece Leah and Andy's brother Matt did the bungee flip thing. It looked like fun, but I would never be brave enough to do that! There was also a thing where you could walk on a trapeze. That looked fun too. They had all kinds of pulley systems set up for kids or adults to pull on. Andy loved that part. They also had some fish to touch and a kids area with water play. That was Carter's favorite. They had some water guns in a case and you could shoot things in the case with the water gun. He loved it and so did not want to share. There was also a little dinosaur exhibit and the boys have really gotten into the dinos lately thanks to the BJ's dino nuggets we eat for lunch sometimes.

When we go back to our car we asked them their favorite part of the day and Carter said the train and Cale said the airplane? Have no idea what he was talking about and he is usually the one that makes perfect sense, who knows! I really like riding the train and was very surprised at how crowded it was. I wish they would put one here. It was nice not having to drive downtown and find a spot to park.

This weekend I will be venturing to the beach with some girlfriends. I am looking forward to getting away. Andy however has majorly lucked out! My mom said she wanted the boys this weekend, so now he is left home to enjoy himself. I have a HUGE list of things for him to do while I am gone and hopefully he will get them all done!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Ready for Spring!

There hasn't been too much going on with us lately. Just the usual, being very busy with work and school and the boys. I have been busy working on some new cute products! I will have them up in my shop very soon. I also have a market on March 14th here in Raleigh, you can find the link on the side. I have been very busy trying to restock up on items for that show. I let my stash get way low when I was afraid I wouldn't be able to sell items primarily for babies anymore, but that is over with for now anyways!

We really enjoyed the nice weather last week and I am very, very sad that it is back to winter weather this week. I did try working with the boys today on writing letters and holding pencils. It made me realize that I would never be good at homeschooling. Cale wanted to learn and Carter would get mad if I tried to fix his hand so that he was holding the pencil correctly. He would then give up and say he didn't want to do it anymore. It is so funny at how different they are.

They have also said some pretty funny things lately. Of course everyday they say something funny and I always forget to write it down. It is really hard to fit that in with all the other thousand things have to do!

Last week at school Carter sneezed and his teacher told him Bless You and then asked him if he needed a tissue, his response, "No, I don't need a tissue I got a Bless you."

Then at school on Friday we were on the playground at the same time and I hear their teacher tell Carter I think we should ask Mommy. So I'm like what...and she tells me that Carter said he was hot and needs to take his clothes off. He learned this from Daddy taking his shirt off while outside. He did this at the park last week too.

On Valentine's Day Cale and Carter were looking at their cards and Cale asked me where my card was and I said I didn't have one and Cale asked me if Santa was going to give me a Valentines card. My response was, I hope not!

Last night for dinner Andy picked up Zaxby's and it comes with some Texas toast. Carter loves bread and he had is half and then half of mine, then wanted more. Well Andy showed him that the bread was all gone...the look on his face was priceless! We continued to eat and then hear Carter say thank you to Cale. We look up and Cale had torn his bread in half and gave half of it to Carter! That was so nice! Times like that make me feel like we have done something right. Being a parent is really the hardest job ever! If you have seen Marley and Me then there is a scene where Jennifer Aniston's character talks about how being a parent is the hardest job and why doesn't anyone tell you how hard it is. Then Owen Wilson's character replies that they do, but we don't listen. That is so true! No one ever knows how hard it is until they are in parenthood. The boys have their moments, but honestly for the most part they are so loving and nice to each other. They are NEVER mean to each other and even this morning Cale did hit Carter, I wasn't in the room so I don't know why or how, but he told me he kissed him. I did make him sit in timeout because he did admit to hitting him and when he got out he went and gave Carter a hug and kiss and told him he was sorry.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

First Circus Trip

Last Saturday we took the boys to the circus for the first time. We wanted to wait until we thought they would enjoy it and they did. I only wish that before they turned one I about sent off for the one time free tickets for twins, if I had only known then. We did get a pretty good deal on tickets and good seats. It lasted a really long time, so I think that we definitely got our money's worth. I will tell you who did not get their money's worth and that was the guy behind us, and everyone else who bought cotton candy. You will never guess how much one bag of cotton candy with a cheap hat on top cost. Are you ready?! $12.00!!! I thought the guy behind us was going to have a heart attack when the guy selling the stuff waited until he had his TWO bags then yelled $24.00! We did get one huge tub of popcorn and a water for the boys to share and drink for us to share, which I have no clue how much it cost but had to be less than the cotton candy by Andy's response as well. Carter did ask for some but we just said no and he said ok.

Carter and Andy (behind them you can see the cheap cotton candy hat)

Cale before the show!

We got there early for the pre-show, which was crazy! We even got there the hour early and had to wait outside to get in and by the time we got to the floor it was full. There were so many people on the floor that after about 10 mins the boys were asking to go to our seats. We had close seats so we could see everything much better.
Here is the elephant painting.

The massive amounts of people!

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