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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas of 2011

This Christmas was a good one.  No one got sick, that is a major plus in this house, the boys were happy, and even Mack seemed to be getting into the Christmas thing.  I miss babies, but it is nice when they really get into it all.  The boys asked Santa for pogo sticks and so Santa got it for them.  They don't ask for much or really anything ever, so this was a good thing.  Carter was a tiny bit bummed that he didn't get the crayon maker he wanted, but I explained to him that Santa must have run out and that is way.  He said ok and that was the end of it.  Actually Santa read what a big piece of crap they were and decided it wasn't even worth the $20, although I wonder if he should have just went with it.  

All the boys got roller blades from us, well Mack got roller skates.  They loved them!  They also got some wii games, walkie talkies, and Mack got some tractors.  Mack's favorite gift was his very own hippity hop from Santa.  He loved it so much that he opened ALL of his presents while sitting on the ball.  

Andy got clothes, new sunglasses and a cherry pitter.  Exciting, right?  He got me a Kindle and NCSU basketball tickets.  We aren't really gift givers to each other because it is our money and we like to use it towards useful stuff.  

After presents were opened we headed to Greensboro and Charlotte to have two more Christmases.  Always fun watching the cousins play together.  

Christmas Eve just before heading to Kanki for our traditional dinner.

Christmas morning!

We had to wake Mack up, I guess he was still tired.

Loving the new slippers

Opening his presents on the hippity hop

Picture with my brother's kids.  I love how my son is picking his nose!  He doesn't do this often, but of course chooses to do it during the picture.  

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